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Latest Scoops

Birdman Wants You to Respeck the ‘King of R&B’ Claim from Jacquees https://t.co/zwFyEjlXxG
DJ Khaled Returns to Jamaica for the First Time in 12 Years to Work With Buju Banton https://t.co/ciMCGXU24D
Joe Rogan Wants to Have a Conversation With Kanye West on His Podcast https://t.co/p8VwUrW2r0
The Golden Child Is Here: Remy Ma and Papoose Welcome a New Daughter https://t.co/klnfu50FgT
Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother Sues Hotel for $50M After Finding Her Daughter Dead in Freezer https://t.co/hWaNteOKxL
Michael Jackson will never die, our kids, kids, grandkids will be getting down to MJ one day #MJmondays https://t.co/77zsvxQFal
Pete Davidson Appears on ‘SNL’ After Alarming Instagram Post https://t.co/wMQIjjROx6
Facebook Reports Your Private Photos May Have Gone Public https://t.co/pE7q04uJZ5
Drake Praises Kodak Black’s Latest Album: ‘One of My Favorites in the Last 5 Years’ https://t.co/WXWiqugV7h
Chadwick Boseman Partners With Adidas for New Running Shoe https://t.co/U32cDjhtbZ
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