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Inside the front lines of the fight against MS-13 https://t.co/2WoYsIYqhJ @lisaling reports @TheLeadCNN
Conservative commentator: I think the Senate is in play https://t.co/2WoYsIYqhJ @JFKucinich @RobbyMook @KSoltisAnderson @BillKristol discuss @TheLeadCNN
“Red Wave” or Code Red? Republicans worry about midterms https://t.co/yAEE4sVvLU @joejohnscnn reports @TheLeadCNN
Trump’s history of backing men accused of violence towards women https://t.co/ACaoNGbfSo @JFKucinich @RobbyMook @KSoltisAnderson @BillKristol discuss @TheLeadCNN
GOP sets deadline for Ford to respond to hearing proposal https://t.co/NaymDdprcW @kaitlancollins reports @TheLeadCNN
NYT reporter: Rosenstein wasn’t being flip about wearing wire https://t.co/be2TghQPeJ @adamgoldmanNYT on @TheLeadCNN
Trump allies call for Rosenstein to be fired https://t.co/megByshDuK @JFKucinich @RobbyMook @KSoltisAnderson @BillKristol discuss @TheLeadCNN
President Trump unleashed today on Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, after days of uncharacteristic restraint: @kaitlancollins reports
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“This isn’t the first time our viewers have heard the term 25th Amendment. They know what it means.”

@jaketapper on report Rod Rosenstein discussed recruiting cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office https://t.co/XkIxBVugxG
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Wash Post: FEMA chief feuding with boss at DHS and almost quit https://t.co/If1YK8Wp6l @joejohnscnn reports @TheLeadCNN
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