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Trump says "no" when asked if Russia is no longer targeting the United States. Plus, Democratic lawmakers want the US interpreter in the Trump-Putin summit to testify. Our latest podcast: https://t.co/B1hGuLanSO
Prosecutors: Russian spy traded sex for access https://t.co/ltfINeDlKK @SchneiderCNN reports @TheLeadCNN
Panelist: Trump relates to Putin, but not to NATO leaders https://t.co/p3QsLNUlsv @KirstenPowers @ScottJenningsKY @JFKucinich Shawn Turner discuss @TheLeadCNN
Inside the West Wing's attempt to fix the summit fallout https://t.co/RocKD0KYZw @jaketapper reports @TheLeadCNN
Former Obama intel official: don’t force Trump interpreter to testify https://t.co/XUYF4pvgMt @KirstenPowers @ScottJenningsKY @JFKucinich Shawn Turner discuss @TheLeadCNN
Can Trump's interpreter in Putin meeting be forced to talk to Congress? https://t.co/ZAjk6zOqnk @MarquardtA reports @TheLeadCNN
President Trump suggests he wouldn’t want to send his son to defend Montenegro if the NATO ally was attacked, “but I guess it was OK for that tiny nation to send troops to Afghanistan at the request of the United States? How does that work?” -@jaketapper https://t.co/JFcqtKexin
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Scott Jennings on possible subpoena of Trump-Putin interpreter: "What's next? We're gonna have to go and find the people who take the garbage out to the dumpster and say 'Hey, did you look through the garbage bags last night?' This is a lunatic ideahttps://t.co/cRkciBQeay "
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Democrats are calling on President Trump's interpreter from his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to testify before Congress https://t.co/zpWjnhJj9y
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“We are watching the Russians right now, as we speak, attempting to probe our networks ... the White House [and] the President should step forward and acknowledge it,” fmr. Director of Communications for National Intelligence, Shawn Turner says https://t.co/1UcST41DyM
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