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Latest Scoops

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee regrets wearing Confederate uniform in college
No Mueller report next week, says Justice Department official
Sarah Sanders: No need for Trump to tone down rhetoric following Hasson arrest
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White House says it's 'looking into' Acosta's role in Jeffrey Epstein case
Sen. Klobuchar is facing additional allegations of abusing her staff after a report said the presidential candidate berated an aide for forgetting to bring utensils — forcing her to eat a salad with a comb.

NY prosecutors preparing state charges against Manafort, source says
Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution

The Most Relevant

Nadya from issues a warning: "I hear from Donald Trump the same words about media that Putin was using for 17 years." #LastWord
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BREAKING: Today the nation's largest privately owned bank cut ties with the NRA, and now three major rental car companies are reportedly ending their discounts for NRA members.

says "the mountain is moving," thanks to Marjory Stoneman Douglas students. #LastWord
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“Mayday mayday mayday” @Captsully's urgent message for America #lastword #msnbc
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We close tonight with our Quote of the Day.
🚨 BREAKING: tells there were communications the payment to Stormy Daniels had to be made in advance of the 2016 election.
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. and discuss her exclusive—that she was sent forged NSA docs in an attempt to discredit the news:
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Republican economist says GOP tax bill is "the most irresponsible tax legislation in the history of the U.S." and Republicans can’t defend the bill because they "can’t defend the indefensible."
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There is one person other than Trump who’s responsible for undermining our criminal justice system – Paul Ryan. #lastword #msnbc
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The found that President Donald Trump lies to a degree we've never seen before.

Here's a small sample from their list of his presidential lies – and their corrections. #LastWord
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. on Trump: "I guess that's OK, to treat a fallen soldier's family like dirt, so long as we stand for the anthem at a football game."
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