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21 Rape Allegations Later, Ian Connor Remains in Fashion's Buzziest Circles. https://t.co/JttG2OhwUp
How a celebrated fashion brand found itself in the crosshairs of the fraud-tainted fall of the world's largest emerging-markets private-equity fund. https://t.co/ncJHeSuTtx
Virgil Abloh might regularly "reference" others' brands but he doesn't want others using his design signatures. https://t.co/HFLHih4HzS
The Maasai have tired of multi-national brands "profiting at their expense.” https://t.co/5gffKi9swx
Rihanna Has Filed a $75 Million Lawsuit Against Her Dad Over His Use of Their Last Name. https://t.co/Mq1ARXVsWR
Women, Particularly Women of Color, Are Less Likely to Get U.S. Patents. https://t.co/hiQPTZmSeo
A running list of fashion bankruptcies: from Carven & J. Mendel to Yohji Yamamoto & Betsey Johnson. https://t.co/oMOrknpCA0
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