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Latest Scoops

Here’s the full interview with @tressiemcphd: https://t.co/oSKLNT5K09
Is Steve King a racist? Trevor Noah: Racism Detective is on the case.
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TONIGHT: @ronnychieng has the scoop on the buzziest (and dumbest) new products from the Consumer Electronics Show.
TONIGHT: Author @tressiemcphd is here to talk about #ThickTheBook!
TONIGHT: More like “The Art of the MEAL” 😜🍔
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An egg has dethroned Kylie Jenner for most liked picture on Instagram. https://t.co/GpZK5WZJSc
tfw you're about to work for Donald Trump
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"Mr. Barr, my question is this: What are my legal avenues against critics who say my beard looks like if Wolverine's superpower was complaining to waiters"
It’s officially election season, and wait...is that Obama 2.0? https://t.co/YE5VyjDSTK
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“I don’t always drink beer. But when I’m trying to look relatable, I do it on Instagram.” -Elizabeth Warren
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