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Donald Trump suggested letting Texas build a border wall. But the last time the federal government dropped a bunch of border fence money in Texas and walked away, one man got very rich. https://t.co/j6DMUO5uzY
5 of the 38 Texans in Congress voted to support Trump in weakening Russian sanctions. They were:
+ @tedcruz
+ @JohnCornyn
+ @RepKevinBrady
+ @TXRandy14
+ @RepBrianBabin https://t.co/KPEhMWfPsv
Leaders of the Texas Senate are proposing giving schools $3.7 billion to provide $5,000 pay raises to all full-time classroom teachers. https://t.co/r7LGKeZzW1
After Hurricane Harvey, scores of Houston homeowners learned too late that their homes were in areas designed to flood. A new #txlege bill would require sellers to disclose such information – and whether the home has flooded before. https://t.co/1l5R5MFV5s
Here's what happened the last time the government seized land in the name of border security: Officials low-balled Texans who couldn’t afford lawyers, took property without identifying owners, and paid people for property they didn’t actually own. https://t.co/kXKvxKbwnn
It was a busy week for us at The @TexasTribune. If you enjoyed our journalism, here's a friendly reminder: Our journalism is free to consume -- but it isn't free for us to do.

If you support our work, please consider becoming a member today. https://t.co/MSZ3LbCLJk #txlege
Coming next week: @evanasmith vs. @RepStickland in ping pong.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the match of #txlege: https://t.co/SNqjgPPtlw
A new report shows that groundwater near all of Texas’ 16 monitored coal-fired power plants is contaminated with pollutants. Currently, the Trump administration is considering weakening Obama-era safeguards for the disposal of toxic coal waste. https://t.co/icMyVQK0NM
The Texas House wants to pump roughly $7 billion more state funds into public schools. #txlege #txed https://t.co/VgpMAGDLko
JUST IN: President Trump has offered a 3-year extension of protection for ‘dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion for his promised border wall https://t.co/TPGPbOVRpW #DACA
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