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How #Dontlookbackinanger took the place of #ItsComingHome as the anthem of British resilience


Many of us feel conflicted about the places where we grew up. For columnist @tyrone_beason, he grapples with this question about his home: How do I go on loving a place with a troubled racial past? https://t.co/Ktk6dtmsl9
Angelo's II in Monangahela is the type of family-run place that hasn't been updated for decades.

“Old wood paneling and years of grease,” was how one of the Dzimiera family members described it. https://t.co/Bws8e68AxO
How Montreal surgeons took apart and pieced back together the swollen skull of a two-year-old girl with hydrocephalus https://t.co/R5AIt13w5y
The Windsor Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating two downtown stabbing incidents that took place over the course of this weekend, sending two men to hospital.

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