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Is Bella Thorne in a relationship after all?
“For years I was shamed for being a woman with facial hair”
So heartbreaking 😢
This really has to stop
J.K. Rowling's reasoning is SO savage
“This policy is in keeping with President Trump’s desire to make the United States energy-independent”
You probably shop there ALL the time
"It's difficult to imagine him speaking to a white, male reporter the way he spoke to April Ryan"
Aka me the next time a man tries to police my beauty habits
Our hearts go out to Zayn and his family
Can you spot what's wrong with it?
You know @chrissyteigen NEVER holds back ❤️
WHAT he was thinking...?
This is scary for a number of reasons. More of today's top headlines in our #wokelist:
*Thinks of all the people I know who could teach this class...*
Starbucks knows a good hack when it sees one!
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