hkex announces launch of first active etf
HKEX Announces Launch of First Active ETF

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Elon Musk
technically alcohol is a solution
Technically, alcohol is a solution
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bitcoin may consolidate along some possible trend lines btc sportsbook via
Elon Musk
just saw that on a t shirt hyperloop competition
Just saw that on a T-shirt @Hyperloop competition 🤣🤣
Bill Gates
i usually wait until the end of the year to share good news that you might have missed but i couldnt resist sh
I usually wait until the end of the year to share good news that you might have missed, but I couldn’t resist sharing this list from @PositiveNewsUK (check out #14!). Which story has inspired you the most so far this year?
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smoking rates for men indonesia 76 russia 58 egypt 50 china 48 bangladesh 45 malaysia 42 turkey 41 south korea
Smoking rates for men.

Indonesia: 76%
Russia: 58%
Egypt: 50%
China: 48%
Bangladesh: 45%
Malaysia: 42%
Turkey: 41%
South Korea: 41%
Pakistan: 37%
France: 36%
Israel: 35%
Japan: 34%
Germany: 33%

(World Bank)

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china built a railroad to nowhere in kenya
China built a railroad to nowhere in Kenya
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average monthly rent for two bedroom apartment 2018 hong kong 3737 new york 2854 paris 3483 london 2410 singap
Average monthly rent for two-bedroom apartment, 2018.

Hong Kong: $3737
New York: $2854
Paris: $3483
London: $2410
Singapore: $1974
Tokyo: $1740
Shanghai: $1343
Berlin: $1160
Madrid: $1148
Moscow: $998
Rio de Janeiro: $771
New Delhi: $346

(Deutsche Bank)
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coned reducing voltage in areas of flatbush prospect lefferts gardens prospect heights canarsie flatlands old
.@ConEdison ConEd reducing voltage in areas of Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Heights, Canarsie, Flatlands, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach and Georgetown in Brooklyn. Limit use of appliances. Report outages to 800-752-6633. #alert
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most powerful people in the world 2018 1 xi jinping 2 vladimir putin 3 donald trump 4 angela merkel 5 jeff bez
Most powerful people in the world, 2018.

1. Xi Jinping
2. Vladimir Putin
3. Donald Trump
4. Angela Merkel
5. Jeff Bezos
6. Pope Francis
7. Bill Gates
8. Mohammad Bin Salman
9. Narendra Modi
10. Larry Page


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chat with traders 177 sam bankman fried leaving wall street entering crypto chaos via
Chat with Traders: 177: Sam Bankman-FriedLeaving Wall Street, entering crypto chaos via ⟶
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