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Tea Party Patriots
the mexicodeal is a huge win for president realdonaldtrump mexico mexicodeal illegalimmigration
The #MexicoDeal is a huge win for President @realDonaldTrump! #Mexico #MexicoDeal #IllegalImmigration

Latest news about President open

John Siracusa
rt huge trump fans flock to statenisland to sell 2020 gear praise the president trump2020 maga usa
#RT - Huge Trump fans flock to #StatenIsland to sell 2020 gear, praise the #President - #Trump2020 #MAGA #USA country flag
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
egypt s ousted president morsi dies in court during trial
#Egypt's ousted #president #Morsi #dies in #court during trial

Frances Fisher I❤️99
president ronaldreagan was an actor realdonaldtrump was a reality something
#President #RonaldReagan was an actor.
@realDonaldTrump was a reality something.
xoxo rt hairclub president client
Cameron McWhirter
mueller if we had had confidence that the president had not committed a crime we would have said so via wsj
#Mueller: “If We Had Had Confidence that the #President Had Not Committed a Crime, We Would Have Said So” via @WSJ
Live Trading News
china struggling to grasp president trumps end game dia spy sox qqq rutx
#China Struggling to Grasp #President #Trump’s End Game: $#DIA, $#SPY, $#SOX, $#QQQ, $#RUTX
Bruce Beck
an emotional jd is back president nyrangers
An emotional J.D. is back! #President @NYRangers
Live Trading News
president trump on war with iran i hope not thursday president trump said he hoped
#President #Trump on #War With #Iran, “I Hope Not”: Thursday, President Trump said he hoped…
Live Trading News
us new immigration plan to be merit based thursday president trump said that he
US’ New #Immigration #Plan to Be #Merit Based: Thursday, #President #Trump said that he…
Cameron McWhirter
democratic nyc mayor billdeblasio running for president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
#Democratic #NYC Mayor #BilldeBlasio running for #president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
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Jeremy Corbyn
we must reject the language of hate and division and offer the hand of humanity to those in need worldrefugeed
We must reject the language of hate and division and offer the hand of humanity to those in need.

@theSNP 1 hour
on boris johnson brexiteers 2016 they lied about costs of eu they lied about turkey they lied about european
👀 @RuthDavidsonMSP on Boris Johnson/Brexiteers (2016): “They lied about costs of EU, they lied about Turkey. They lied about European Army... They’ve put them in leaflets and it’s not good enough. You deserve truth!”

Ruth Davidson (2019): “I didn’t call him a liar,”

The EastAfrican
iran says it has shot down us drone over its territory state tv
Iran says it has shot down US drone over its territory: state TV
India Today
women voters have increased exponentially says president ram nath kovind more videos
Women voters have increased exponentially, says President Ram Nath Kovind
More videos:
BBC Politics
i m so sad that you re doing this you will have a diminished role on the world stage your economy will suffer
"I'm so sad that you're doing this. You will have a diminished role on the world stage, your economy will suffer, it will have a huge impact on society"

Dutch PM Mark Rutte says the UK's next leader must come up with a plan to avoid a no-deal #Brexit

@BJP4India 2 hours
bjp national working president shri addressed bjp state leadership for sadasyata abhiyaan through video confer
BJP National Working President Shri @JPNadda addressed BJP state leadership for Sadasyata Abhiyaan through video conference on 19 June 2019. He emphasised on the role of the IT Department in micro-planning of the membership drive to reach out to more people.
INC India
in delhi the aap govt in the state amp the bjp in the centre must put politics aside amp focus on the dire cir
In Delhi, the AAP govt in the State & the BJP in the Centre must put politics aside & focus on the dire circumstances of depleting ground water. The people of Delhi will not forgive a govt that chooses petty politics over saving their environment.

UN Refugee Agency
which country hosts the most refugees worldrefugeeday
Which country hosts the most refugees?
European Commission
we help refugees fleeing war and persecution find safety in europe on discover zakarias story and see how than
We help refugees fleeing war and persecution find safety in Europe.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, discover Zakaria’s story and see how, thanks to the shared effort of the 🇪🇺 asylum services, he could start a new and safer life in the EU →

The Daily Caller
tucker why are the koch brothers running the republican party when they disagree with so many republicans
Tucker: Why Are The Koch Brothers ‘Running The Republican Party’ When They Disagree With So Many Republicans?
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