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Tomorrow is the ten year anniversary of the Rick Santelli rant against government bailouts that sparked the tea party movement!

#TeaParty #MAGA #TeaParty1010
Venezuela is a shining example of socialism today. Its failure as a system has brought poverty, starvation, big government, economic ruin, and the list goes on. #TeaParty #MAGA
As a doctor @DrMarkGreen4TN understands how dangerous universal Medicare is for America via @DailySignal #TeaParty #MAGA
As we remember our presidents, we are thankful for a nation that has peacefully transferred power for over 200 years.

#TeaParty #MAGA #PresidentsDay
.@braun4indiana wants to make sure Congress passes budgets on time via @DailySignal #TeaParty #MAGA
California wasted federal tax dollars in it's "green" boondoggle... via @DailySignal #TeaParty #MAGA
The latest omnibus deal does nothing to reduce spending! via @DailySignal #TeaParty #MAGA
American #healthcare performed better than other developed nations’ healthcare systems. @dailysignal #TeaParty

The Most Relevant

Tonight, in no uncertain terms @POTUS said: “America will NEVER be a socialist country!” #SOTU #ChoosingGreatness #SocialismSucks #TeaParty #StillYourPresident #MAGA #CurbYourSocialism @realDonaldTrump
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We hope Rep. Jim Jordan will announce for Speaker of the House in order to frame the 2018 elections around the future of the House of Representatives.
Don't be fooled by what the Democrats and the media are trying to tell you. There is a crisis at our southern border and a border wall would significantly help our border patrol and ICE agents secure the border. #WallsWork #BuildTheWall #TeaParty
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Border rancher shows our unprotected border. “Our border is on fire and Washington is just sending us gasoline.” It is time to build the wall!

#WallsWork #BuildTheWall #TeaParty #MAGA #SchumerShutdown #SchumerPelosiShutdown
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A new investigative report reveals that hundreds of noncitizens are on the voting rolls in the key swing state of V…
In the latest explosive employees brag about using the to target conse#IRSrvative groups! Outrageous! Time to #DrainTheSwamp #TeaParty
. has shown a commitment to the rule of law and enforcing the laws the legislature passed. #teaparty #ConfirmSessions
According to reports. Obama put in a budget request to increase his pension once he’s out of office by 18%.
.@RandPaul is fighting in the Senate to stop run away federal spending! #TeaParty #TeaParty
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