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The woman who nearly defeated one of Congress’s most conservative, anti-abortion Democrats last year is gearing up for a rematch https://t.co/FyPnZtUSBB
Trump's DOJ asks for a SCOTUS ruling on the Census case by June https://t.co/cKkYmbnLsx
Three men and a teen plotted to attack a Muslim community in upstate New York, police say https://t.co/NRYLsaT45B
Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows want Cohen's lawyer to prove the Cohen hearing isn't a Democratic plot to publicly embarrass Trump https://t.co/XNYMWoN3fS
Mueller is reportedly digging into the Trump campaign's "dealings" with the NRA https://t.co/5D3lnYtrNL
Hogan … Tidley?: Trump’s a big fan of spokesman, didn’t know his last name https://t.co/BE89NDvWWp
Judge strikes down Iowa’s restrictive "fetal heartbeat" abortion law https://t.co/fwxx0M8Cre
House Judiciary chair lays out blistering line of questioning for Whitaker hearing https://t.co/6mNSGDEkYf
Kobach used state’s money for court-ordered legal education course https://t.co/BYTtzt7Bmy
Covington Catholic High School was closed for the day after the video of its students mocking an elderly Native American man went viral https://t.co/TffBUeIIzZ
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