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Hillary Clinton's One Big Party Animal https://t.co/Gmlcq9N456
Jimmy Butler Explains Why He Drives a Minivan https://t.co/bNbVUUYdWH
Judge Pros Shouldn't Have Told Lawyer To Suck Viggo Mortensen's D**k https://t.co/tsLNyXPHg9
Nicki Minaj Threatens to Sue Jesse Palmer For Saying She Supported Sex Offender Brother https://t.co/cQLxSvi8Xi
Nick Cannon wants Kevin Hart to know that he’s not alone!!
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Post Malone Wants Wiz Khalifa To Fight Anderson Silva, Must Hate Wiz Khalifa https://t.co/CeORkoasrM
Gisele Hints She Wants Tom Brady To Retire, 'I Haven't Been Very Successful' https://t.co/NzbQ7nLuus
Matt Damon Hangs With Ben Affleck's Ex At 'SNL' Dinner https://t.co/FjK5FPnc1r
Jennifer Lopez Says She and Will Smith Almost Starred in 'A Star Is Born' Remake – Here’s What Happened (Video) (via @lovebscott) https://t.co/ceY6J8TD7C
We NOW know why Nipsey Hussle got caught in the middle of that fight ... https://t.co/Xk23KKeTqM
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