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Latest Scoops

2 minutes
Childish Gambino Postpones Concert in Wake of Foot Injury https://t.co/Un09uj3qb0
4 minutes
Donald Trump Bragging About Accomplishments Triggers Laughter at United Nations https://t.co/O89ZqoFG91
19 minutes
Serena Williams On Meghan Markle Friendship: 'We Really Are Relying On Each Other A Lot' (via @Fox411) https://t.co/rKPLs9gVZg
34 minutes
Miguel Cosigns Cardi B's Own Set For Super Bowl Halftime, She'd Kill That!! https://t.co/CXryORfDH7
49 minutes
Meet The NFL's Rookie Class ... Of Smokin' Hot WAGs!! https://t.co/QKFpXrZf41
5 things we learned from Jane Fond’a HBO’s documentary (via @toofab)
Pregnant Hilary Duff Confronts Paparazzi Who She Says Was Stalking Her: 'This Is Not OK' (Video) (via @Fox411) https://t.co/6hr73mqKoD
Jeff Jarrett on Wrestling Injuries, 'We Know What We Signed Up For' https://t.co/8WQ9fBL8qR
Will Smith Bungee Jumps Off Helicopter Over Grand Canyon for 50th Birthday https://t.co/X3ka8OporF
See why they both think the other is just like Donald Trump (via @toofab)
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