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The true story behind 'Mary Queen of Scots' https://t.co/MV5dBWHuxC
The CDC is warning people not to eat raw cookie dough this season https://t.co/DDWUsyw9A9
Couple returns to home lost in California's Camp Fire to find their dog waiting for them https://t.co/KkX7x4JFHT
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U.S. withdrawing thousands of troops from President Trump's border mission in time for Christmas https://t.co/rmxZu4TUW7
Macron vows tax cuts and pleads for calm amid yellow vest protests in France https://t.co/SIqX4df0uB
12 times Will and Kate were relatable royal parents over their six years as a married couple https://t.co/qhHis8nJfY
Meet TIME's 25 most influential teens of 2018 https://t.co/EsrWzo0IRv
Indiana high school football player arrested in death of pregnant cheerleader https://t.co/XSXdZA4KDS
Steph Curry says he doesn't think man went to the moon https://t.co/Ke2iFirkKV
Apollo 8 astronauts reflect on historic moon voyage 50 years later https://t.co/QzlPriin7V
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