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Scientists discovered the world's oldest intact shipwreck, and it's 2,400 years old https://t.co/veQra0giPv
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17 minutes
Hurricane Willa roars through offshore prison and heads toward Mexican coastal resort area https://t.co/nxX8SVAEZv
32 minutes
A virus outbreak has killed 6 children at a New Jersey health center. Here's what to know https://t.co/87ljol7GHG
47 minutes
Megyn Kelly apologizes for suggesting that blackface is acceptable as a Halloween costume https://t.co/xaIUF5udKr
'Everybody has to do more.' José Andrés discusses feeding people displaced by hurricanes https://t.co/9tjbzAmWpY
U.S. is revoking the visas of Saudi officials implicated in death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi https://t.co/LvSlyGu3lF
Hurricane Willa roars toward Mexican resort area as authorities declare an 'extraordinary emergency' https://t.co/SGmCZpc86e
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20 Russian soccer fans were injured in a dramatic escalator accident in Rome https://t.co/WS8L4TTYtN
Celebrities slam Megyn Kelly for saying she doesn't understand why blackface Halloween costumes are offensive https://t.co/vRdSePO8KN
Taylor Swift just gave a major donation to a fan whose mother is in a coma https://t.co/gm3pWUcaRo
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