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Subramanian Swamy
the tragedy for bjp jan sangh purva janma onwards is capture of decision making system after coming to power b
The tragedy for BJP, Jan Sangh purva janma onwards, is capture of decision making system after coming to power by spin artists& complicit babus diluting our ideology pleading “compulsion” for core commitments. Post 5/2019 parivar's yodhas will not permit it

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Golf Channel
and i ran i ran so far away i just ran i ran all night and day i couldn t get away theopen
"And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away."

Cristiano Ronaldo
happy to be back finoallafine
Happy to be back #finoallafine
Tottenham Hotspur
a big thank you from lucasmoura7 spurstour2019 icc2019
🇸🇬 🔊 A BIG thank you from @LucasMoura7!

#SpursTour2019 ⚪️ #ICC2019
MailOnline Sport
gareth bale to be offered more than 500000 a week deal as beijing guoan prepare to make real madrid outcast hi
Gareth Bale 'to be offered more than £500,000-a-week deal as Beijing Guoan prepare to make Real Madrid outcast highest-paid player in Chinese football history'
Complex Sports
shaq is lit
Shaq is LIT 😂
New York Yankees
today mariano rivera take his rightful place amongst legends hofwknd unanimous
Today, Mariano Rivera take his rightful place amongst legends. #HOFWKND #UnaniMOus
B/R Football
wales portugal france australia italy russia saudi arabia madrid singapore the celebration the world knows
Wales. Portugal. France. Australia. Italy. Russia. Saudi Arabia. Madrid. Singapore.

The celebration the world knows 🌏
New York Yankees
the best first pitch leadoff home run you ll see today
The best first-pitch leadoff home run you'll see today.
Florida Man
five years ago today we vowed to stop shaking hands amp kissing babies we would then proceed to spend the next
Five years ago today, we vowed to stop shaking hands & kissing babies. We would then proceed to spend the next five years shaking hands & kissing babies.
@espn 2 hours
mariano rivera went from 19 year old position player in panama to collecting the most saves in mlb history tod
Mariano Rivera went from 19-year-old position player in Panama to collecting the most saves in MLB history.

Today, he'll officially become the first unanimous National Baseball Hall of Fame selection by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. (via @E60)
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