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  3. ah, so that’s what the ‘it’s coming home’ chant means… #itscominghome #worldcup
Ah, so that’s what the ‘It’s coming home’ chant means… https://t.co/J5M52tDPbB #ItsComingHome #WorldCup
Ah, so that’s what the ‘It’s coming home’ chant means… https://t.co/J5M52tDPbB #ItsComingHome #WorldCup


What was before the court was the idea that intellectually disabled people “are entitled to have an informed decision made on their behalf just like anyone else.”
Many trail mixes and other snacks sold at stores are typically loaded with sugar. In order to avoid that unnecessary, harmful sugar, I enjoy making my own snacks at home, including this delicious twist on the traditional cashew.
What are you thinking right now? What's the tone of energy are you emitting?
Science has proven that everything is energy, and everything has its roots in the… https://t.co/iw9VyhDE1q
When it comes to data, the first thing that comes to people's minds is usually how much it costs — how much they can get for the best price. But what if you thought of your data as a creative device instead, a way to create a new type of art? https://t.co/k69HrsMZO5
For us, #healthworkers represent the pinnacle of what it means to be a humanitarian. For many of them, going to work each day means risking their lives. @SafeguardingHC believes these humanitarians are #NotaTarget. https://t.co/8odum3mCvh
"I thought about what a good death this was. I marveled at the wonder of his knowing that death was imminent and facing it proudly with peace and confidence."

-- A Beautiful Death, by Dr. Lyssa Weatherly: https://t.co/u1VD3Pwhty. #OnBeingADoctor
It’s Monday and you know what that means 😁 new episode of #Rhoc
If you’ve never had your eyebrows micro bladed you’re missing out. Especially my blonde friends 🙍🏼‍♀️ thank you… https://t.co/4WF2G6WPju
What do you think about #vaping? Scientists at @UMNews prove that e-cigarettes can damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer. #oncology #genetics #news https://t.co/Ahj880nSWx
Good morning and Happy Monday! Always look up! That's what the flowers do when they want to bloom! https://t.co/L6AZ0TE0wA
180: The Hidden Elements in Your Home That Affect Your Mood & Health With Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson https://t.co/tV6rbj00EE
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