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  3. ah, so that’s what the ‘it’s coming home’ chant means… #itscominghome #worldcup
Ah, so that’s what the ‘It’s coming home’ chant means… https://t.co/J5M52tDPbB #ItsComingHome #WorldCup
Ah, so that’s what the ‘It’s coming home’ chant means… https://t.co/J5M52tDPbB #ItsComingHome #WorldCup


I fear that a lot of liberals generally -- and liberal litigators in particular -- have no idea how bad the federal courts have become or how many difficult choices they will need to make about what must be done to save democracy from Republican judges.
From the outside, HouseZero looks like the classic 1920s wooden New England home that it once was. But the house, located on Harvard's campus, is actually far more than that: https://t.co/sJ9UBbco2P
What do you get for the bookworm who has everything? The bookish gift that keeps on giving!

Our #UnboundReadingClub is now giftable! Give the gift of free postage for a year, a monthly free ebook and an awesome swag bag!

"When I was a kid, my dad would say an inch of rain was a good rain. That’s just what we needed. Now we get four inches, five inches, six inches in one sustained wet spell that lasts two or three days."

-Former president of the Missouri Farmers union https://t.co/LLDCLNPzxm
Bottom line: Evidence to date suggests that the Virta intervention, which includes a ketogenic diet, is an attractive option for managing diabetes. Just don't expect it to "reverse" diabetes, unless you accept their idiosyncratic definition of what the word "reverse" means.
What the Lawless Obamacare Ruling Means via @NYTimes https://t.co/H2678ycrxs
“I know many women who have died trying to give birth at home this way. I’m looking around now, wherever I can, for pregnant women, to tell them to go to Wellbody Clinic.” Fanta Karoma on the clinic that saved her life: https://t.co/WVATUQU5Yd
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