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My Statement on Kevin McCarthy’s Unprecedented Assault on my Freedom of Speech.
Steve King Floor Statement regarding New York Times Article https://t.co/ifYILgk9QR
Mr. President @realDonaldTrump if the time comes that it is necessary for you declare a state of emergency for border security, build the whole wall out of concrete. Let it stand forever as a monument to the Rule of Law.
My statement on the New York Times article.
The Establishment is at it again. I will be on WHO Radio 1040 with Simon Conway at 6:05 PM CT.
When @realDonaldTrump addresses the nation tomorrow night he should call for a fence, a concrete wall, & a fence. All walls work. Only Berlin Wall was immoral. Walls to keep good people in=bad. Walls to keep bad people out=good. Walls r old technology? Ready to give up the wheel?
Taiwan is a trusted ally, trading partner, & friend with which Iowa has a special relationship. President Xi of Red China has militarily threatened . Am#Taiwanerica stands with FREE Chinese people. https://t.co/6SoushB8j6
Elizabeth Warren held an engaging event in Buena Vista County today. Surrounded by Pocahontas, Sac & Cherokee Counties, Buena Vista is named after General Zachary Taylor’s victory, in the “Battle of Buena Vista” over Santa Anna in 1847. Taylor’s horse was named “Old Whitey.”
“I, Steve King, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States...” Eight times I have sworn the oath on the Bible my 5 times great uncle carried on him for 3 years of the Civil War. Thank you Iowans!
She looks part Irish....&

with a name like Bailey.
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