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breaking turkish military announced turkey s gov t leadership detained
breaking turkish military announced turkey s gov t leadership detained
BREAKING: Turkish #military announced #Turkey's gov't leadership detained

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AFP news agency
@AFP 31 minutes
breaking christchurch attacker charged with terrorism new zealand police
#BREAKING Christchurch attacker charged with terrorism: New Zealand police
@CNN 1 hour
a young sperm whale has been found dead in sicily with a stomach full of plastic it was a female and was so yo
A young sperm whale has been found dead in Sicily with a stomach full of plastic.

It was a female and was so young that "her teeth haven't come out yet."
Reuters Top News
former f1 champion lauda dead at 70
Former F1 champion Lauda dead at 70
CNN Tonight
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morehouse college president david thomas tells that he had no idea that billionaire investor robert f smith wo
Morehouse College President David Thomas tells @donlemon that he had "no idea" that billionaire investor Robert F. Smith would announced during his commencement speech that he would pay off the student loan debt for the graduating class: "This really opens up lots of avenues"
Will Buxton
i thought you were invincible farewell niki
I thought you were invincible

Farewell Niki
The Last Word
judge upholds house dems subpoena for pres trump s financial records
Judge upholds House Dems subpoena for Pres. Trump's financial records
NWS Tornado
tornado warning continues for peggs ok rose ok until 11 00 pm cdt
Tornado Warning continues for Peggs OK, Rose OK until 11:00 PM CDT
The Hill
nike adidas unite publicly against trump policy
Nike, Adidas unite publicly against Trump policy
The Hill
@thehill 3 hours
just in house freedom caucus votes to condemn justin amash over trump impeachment call
JUST IN: House Freedom Caucus votes to condemn Justin Amash over Trump impeachment call
The New York Times
niki lauda won 3 world championships in formula one the sports highest level of international competition and
Niki Lauda won 3 world championships in Formula One, the sport’s highest level of international competition, and was regarded as one of the greatest speedway drivers of all time. He died at 70.
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