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A surveillance payload owned by the National Reconnaissance Office soared into space Saturday from California on top of a United Launch Alliance Delta 4-Heavy rocket, entering an unusual orbit not previously used by the US government’s spy satellite fleet. https://t.co/cPhoKgsefJ
United Launch Alliance has declared success on today’s flight from California, confirming the delivery of the Delta 4-Heavy rocket’s payload to orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office. This was the first of up to seven ULA missions planned this year. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
The remainder of today’s mission will occur in secret due to a news blackout imposed by the National Reconnaissance Office. We’ll await an update from United Launch Alliance and the NRO later today on the outcome of the mission. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
Ignition of the Delta 4-Heavy’s upper stage RL10 engine is confirmed after a good first stage burn. And payload fairing jettison has been confirmed. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
A good climb-out for the Delta 4-Heavy rocket over California’s Central Coast. Both of the Delta 4-Heavy’s two side boosters have shut down and jettisoned. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
Here’s a view of United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4-Heavy rocket launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, moments ago with a US government spy satellite. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
Liftoff of United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4-Heavy rocket, boosting a top secret payload into orbit for US national security. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
T-minus 90 seconds. The Delta 4-Heavy’s three cryogenic first stage boosters are all confirmed at flight pressures. https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
T-minus 4 minutes and counting. The countdown has resumed as the Delta 4-Heavy is set to launch from California with a top secret spy satellite for the US government. Watch: https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
The final pre-launch poll of the ULA team has been completed, and all stations gave a “go” for liftoff of the Delta 4-Heavy at 11:10am PST (2:10pm EST; 1910 GMT). Watch live: https://t.co/N4W1eM1mO7
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