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Jaime, a #STEM student with @ActuaCanada, asked @csa_asc astronaut @Astro_DavidS on the station today, "Was there any point that you thought something was too hard?"
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He's your hope, he's your angel ✨ Happy Birthday to @BTS_twt's J-Hope! (edit by taesflower-archive) #HappyJHopeDay
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Actual footage of me playing a stealth game. ❗️
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The national emergency is in the White House: Trump’s Rose Garden speech and his decades of self-aggrandizement are more closely related than you might think. He’s been doing this for a long time. My column today:
Battle royale of the battle royales.
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It’s important to know how to say ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t have a view’, ‘that’s not my field’, or ‘you would know better than me’.
"Faced with the fact that he has yet to build an inch of the concrete or steel wall he promised, Trump and his campaign have started relying on a rhetorical sleight of hand: speaking the wall into existence." Via @ToluseO @jdawsey1 @costareports
After Dyson, Britain’s richest man, Brexiter Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who was knighted less than a year ago, plans to move to Monaco to avoid £4bn in tax. Brexiters are so supportive of the UK... #FinalSay #WTOBrexitNOW #letsgowto #NoDealBrexit #nodealnoproblem
Amazon owns IMBDb, GoodReads, Twitch, Audible, a 10,000 Year Clock made of a mountain, a truck that dispenses raw steak alongside tech stuff, and so much more. This is our exhaustive map of the Kingdom of Amazon:
This guy wrote Medea in 431 BC and he's STILL out here hustling. Respect
A reminder that Ivanka -- like her older brother and her father -- has trouble with basic math:
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