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NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.

Latest Scoops

The Exp 58 crew worked on advanced space technology and researched life science as the space station raised its orbit today. https://t.co/gwfjkFH2sz
The Exp 58 crew focused again on space-caused head and eye pressure changes and studied how cultural differences impact international crews. https://t.co/V6MEHXVPs0
@JohnMumford48 @SpaceX @csa_asc @northropgrumman @NASA @ISS_Research The blog links to the specific radiation experiment page with more details. Also, you can find out more about radiation research other space science on the station here...https://t.co/MZKsRDePDh
@Kaynouky @northropgrumman @ISS_Research @NASA @roscosmos @csa_asc @JAXA_en @esa Thanks! You can find more Cygnus pix here...https://t.co/1UaS5HmLuD
@KeyboardsRobert @northropgrumman @ISS_Research @NASA @roscosmos @csa_asc @JAXA_en @esa You can find out more about the ongoing space science and how it helps astronauts and people on Earth here...https://t.co/MZKsRDePDh
The station crew researched head and eye pressure caused by living in space and explored a wearable body monitor that measures vital signs real-time. https://t.co/AlfeBJYHdI
The Exp 58 crew started Tuesday with an emergency drill before splitting up for radiation and physics research. https://t.co/HjznkfsS8d
Welcome back #Dragon! Now the critical space research it brought home will be distributed to scientists for analysis.https://t.co/DlmE66KgXq
Living in space affects the human body in a way that resembles aging but quicker. Doctors are working to find out why to help Earthlings and astronauts. https://t.co/H1ludDjPkt
Jaime, a #STEM student with @ActuaCanada, asked @csa_asc astronaut @Astro_DavidS on the station today, "Was there any point that you thought something was too hard?"
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