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Dragon returned home last night after its five-week stay at the @Space_Station, completing SpaceX’s sixteenth flight to and from the orbiting laboratory. The ISS badge signifies this Dragon’s previous trip to the station in 2017.
Good splashdown of Dragon confirmed, completing SpaceX’s fourth resupply mission to and from the @Space_Station with a flight-proven spacecraft.
Dragon's three main parachutes have been deployed.
Dragon's drogue chutes deployed nominally.
Dragon's de-orbit burn is complete and its trunk has been jettisoned. Pacific Ocean splashdown in ~30 minutes.
Dragon will re-enter Earth's atmosphere in ~5 hours. Splashdown at 9:05 p.m. PST.
The three departure burns to move Dragon away from the @Space_Station are complete.
Dragon has been released from the @Space_Station! Three departure burns are now underway → https://t.co/WUiXnPDkfb
Falcon 9 lands on the Just Read the Instructions droneship after delivering 10 @IridiumComm satellites to low Earth orbit and returns to the Port of Los Angeles ahead of its next flight.
Having delivered over 5,600 pounds of science and supplies, Dragon has completed its five-week stay at the @Space_Station and will depart at ~3:30 p.m. PST on Sunday. The Dragon used to support SpaceX’s 16th resupply mission previously delivered cargo to the ISS in 2017.
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