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I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress.

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My pleasure. It's good work! Enjoyed the facts on the rate of growth for the FBI fingerprint index.
Surveillance scholar @mguariglia on the long road to today's dragnet, and how it unintentionally risks US lives: https://t.co/NLsrIwjv9I
The CIA plans to destroy the records of its investigations into journalism it didn't like. https://t.co/bLoNPnn2SS
Hong Kong's government is mounting a campaign to retaliate against the lawyer defending the families who helped me. https://t.co/A2UmCHMeJI
.@HRW calls on Canada to expedite asylum claims for the families who helped me before time runs out. https://t.co/93GR7qPPJH
@bartongellman The honor system has never been much use with political appointees. Still, this is remarkably flagrant. Want to bet he keeps his clearance?
@bartongellman For all the posturing about "continuous assessment " coming out of the IC post-2013, it's apparently still database checks and honor system.
@bartongellman There's always been a two-tiered system for the "special folk " in the clearance process, sure. But boy has the fig leaf of propriety shrunk.
@bartongellman Everyone in the IC knows somebody who got endlessly cross-examined over the most innocuous omission. No ordinary worker could survive this.
Xiaobo died under guard in a world where states still dim our brightest lights. The law is not justice. 愿我们的兄弟休息。 https://t.co/8o2Tm3RADj
I just can't quit you.
US v. Reality: prosecuting a journalistic source on election interference as if she were a spy. #StandWithReality https://t.co/J7XGZVqNBn
That is the twilight of an age.
Most folks can't read three different papers every day. If we don't set the highest standard, many give up and say the truth is unknowable.
If our most famous journalists are so proud they can't admit to what is now an obvious error, how can they hope to hold the public trust?
Each time the media gets a prominent story wrong right now, I wince. More than egg on a famous face, it risks a generation's trust in news.
When we start getting economical with facts, we lose. This important story was mangled by needlessly injected an unsupportable conspiracy.
That said, journalism is hard and mistakes happen. When they do, as in this Maddow case, apologies should be frank and unequivocal.
When the media's credibility is under attack, rushing stories out before checking facts and contacting the subject is hard to comprehend.
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