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I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress.
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Next time somebody says revealing unconstitutional mass surveillance to the press crossed a line, show them this: https://t.co/Ofr0WRVuso
The journalists behind the #PanamaPapers agree a @Wikileaks prosecution threatens speech and press freedoms. Do you? https://t.co/3Zd3WwJiTN
When US nuclear weapon is stolen, it's called an "empty quiver." This weekend, @NSAGov's tools attacked hospitals, . https://t.co/8A9qON61zE
Let no one doubt your position on the tier-list of meme necromancy. Well played.
@4Dgifts @JPdeRuiter @NSAGov With respect, you're confusing leaks. NSA concealed it until they realized it had leaked to #ShadowBrokers , not the public leak.
@ErrataRob No serious person would think Microsoft actually wrote a blog post saying "sry we let nsa have commit privileges, <3 MS. " Let's be real.
@ErrataRob The only people concern-trolling the word choice here are exactly the ones who knew exactly what was being said. And I say that with love.
@ErrataRob Similarly, "vulnerability " is too long for character count, and "vuln " is a made-up word for those outside the tribe. People grok "flaw. "
@ErrataRob The average person has no idea what an "exploit " is. To most, "NSA wrote an exploit " parses like NSA wrote a novel about swashbucklers.
@JPdeRuiter @NSAGov 3m followers means you have to write for a general audience, not techs. Bottom line: NSA found vuln, wrote exploit, concealed til post-leak.
Extraordinary: Microsoft officially confirms @NSAGov developed the flaw that brought down hospitals this weekend. https://t.co/zQ6785YpFf
Low-sophistication attackers are often unable to independently develop exploits, lacking the skill and resources to even reverse patches.
When @NSAGov-enabled ransomware eats the internet, help comes from researchers, not spy agencies. Amazing story. https://t.co/tNwXwJEy07
First question arise in Congress after @NSAGov's attack tools—which officials promised "nobody but us" could use—shut down hospitals in UK.https://t.co/YVAMd1SA3U
If NSA builds a weapon to attack Windows XP—which Microsoft refuses to patches—and it falls into enemy hands, should NSA write a patch?https://t.co/TUTtmc2aU9
This is a special case. Had @NSAGov disclosed the vuln when they discovered it, hospitals would have had years -- not months -- to prepare.https://t.co/HJj1TsfQYn
If @NSAGov had privately disclosed the flaw used to attack hospitals when they *found* it, not when they lost it, this may not have happenedhttps://t.co/lhApAqB5j3
In light of today's attack, Congress needs to be asking @NSAgov if it knows of any other vulnerabilities in software used in our hospitals.
Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software. Today we see the cost: https://t.co/u6J3bcHnXE
Whoa: @NSAGov decision to build attack tools targeting US software now threatens the lives of hospital patients. https://t.co/HXRV9uYOuU
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