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Latest Scoops

44 former senators warn we are at a national “inflection point” on Russia investigation, call on Senate to defend democracy: https://t.co/3lppTFufdz
For fans of vintage synthesizers, gigantic letters slowly come into view, and the titles of TV episodes you won’t get to watch for months: https://t.co/9P868w7yHr
In the video, the woman can be heard screaming, “They’re hurting my son." https://t.co/z1loAuUniA
Vacuuming is a total pain, so this fun-to-use vacuum cleaner is a miracle: https://t.co/92zWxm2dqn
What’s fact and what’s fiction in Mary Queen of Scots: https://t.co/NAv13TzUME
Trump keeps tweeting that he did nothing wrong because he doesn’t understand the law: https://t.co/jHNV8x9XK5
Jameela Jamil’s campaign against photoshopping isn’t the answer because photoshopping isn’t really the problem: https://t.co/hv64S9Ancm
California will soon require solar panels on new homes. https://t.co/vi1uT2F8wu
Guess who’s bringing in the highest box office numbers: https://t.co/F8VN3wLgWE
The Massachusetts police must stop arresting civilians who dare to film them covertly: https://t.co/9yR08hwQQK
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