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Latest Scoops

How will the president respond to his penis being described as Toad from Mario Kart? https://t.co/EmD2QYc9FB
11 minutes
Twitter is giving its most rabid users what they want: a reverse-chronological timeline. https://t.co/0GJ2cHjEBG
19 minutes
Paul Ryan-linked super PAC recruits the Democrat’s own brother to do a nasty campaign ad: https://t.co/pHtXmtWmTf
21 minutes
Why Marco Rubio went on a Twitter tirade against Salt Bae: https://t.co/HHIrldFHVO
28 minutes
Come have a drink with a bunch of our podcast hosts. 🍻

No, really—we're having a cocktail party, and you're invited. Tickets here: https://t.co/uYP8sodmjR #SlateDay #TribFest18
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31 minutes
A professor was convicted of using a carbon monoxide-filled yoga ball to kill his wife and daughter: https://t.co/gfASUOunUo
34 minutes
Republicans would love a hearing without Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats might gift it to them: https://t.co/5OZQGa4urJ
36 minutes
I’m not totally freaked out by Trump’s trade war with China—yet: https://t.co/gWEmhUzd7m
41 minutes
A champion Iowa State golfer was killed on a golf course in what police called a random act of violence: https://t.co/5yzDRk4gNB
46 minutes
Men are finally seeing what it’s like to be scared: https://t.co/waO18DMqZn
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