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if the alternative was shall we say no deal or no brexit i d choose no brexit anytime richard harrington says
"If the alternative was, shall we say, no-deal or no-Brexit I'd choose no-Brexit anytime" - Richard Harrington says he would look at any Brexit option other than no-deal.

Richard Harrington was one of three ministers to resign last night. Read more here:
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Dan Rather
a suggestion for a campaign slogan make the unthinkable unthinkable again
A suggestion for a campaign slogan: make the unthinkable unthinkable again.
The Hill
@thehill 30 minutes
jack dorsey called ilhan omar to defend keeping up trump tweet that prompted death threats report
#BREAKING : Jack Dorsey called Ilhan Omar to defend keeping up Trump tweet that prompted death threats: report
CNN Politics
joe biden and anita hill have spoken biden campaign official says
Joe Biden and Anita Hill have spoken, Biden campaign official says
Judicial Watch ?
must see deepstate coup covering up for hillary clinton amp targeting realdonaldtrump
MUST SEE-- #DeepState Coup: Covering-Up for Hillary Clinton & Targeting @realDonaldTrump
@GOP 1 hour
this country right now under this president is most successful that it has been in decades laraleatrump
“This country right now under this President is most successful that it has been in decades.” -@LaraLeaTrump
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Jeremy Corbyn MP
it s taken years for them to admit what we all knew anyway we cannot afford to wait years for them to act peop
It's taken years for them to admit what we all knew anyway.

We cannot afford to wait years for them to act - people's lives are at stake.
Elizabeth Warren
ive spent years fighting back against shady for profit colleges amp the officials amp organizations that enabl
I’ve spent years fighting back against shady for-profit colleges, & the officials & organizations that enable them to defraud students & taxpayers.

We should ban for-profit colleges from sucking down federal dollars.
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BBC Question Time
you have betrayed democracy actor john rhys davies criticises politicians handling of brexit bbcqt
‘You have betrayed democracy’
Actor John Rhys-Davies criticises politicians’ handling of Brexit. #bbcqt
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Judicial Watch ?
jw was mentioned in according to jw former senior fbi official bill priestap admitted under oath in court orde
JW was mentioned in @FoxNews : According to JW, former senior FBI official Bill Priestap admitted under oath in court-ordered discovery that the agency found Clinton email records from her private server in the Obama WH.
Justin Trudeau
canadians are already seeing the costs of climate change with floods fires amp droughts affecting families acr
Canadians are already seeing the costs of climate change, with floods, fires, & droughts affecting families across the country. It’s time for us to step up and take action – for our economy, our environment, and our kids.
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