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US President @realDonaldTrump has marked Martin Luther King Jr Day with a surprise visit to a memorial of the civil rights leader in Washington. https://t.co/3wF6EcgDkK
Extra paramedics will be sent to three music festivals across NSW this weekend to help partygoers, following a recent spate of fatal overdoses. https://t.co/EuemfrB4ZY
In an update to its World Economic Outlook the organisation predicted global growth of 3.5 per cent for 2019 - a fall of 0.2 per cent - the lowest level for three years.

The Liberal Party is seeking to install former Labor national president Warren Mundine as its candidate in the NSW seat of Gilmore at the upcoming federal election.

Hon @Gary_Hardgrave on @theresa_may’s #Brexit:

'She has to respect the fact that people voted to leave...and everything she’s done since then has been about avoiding the reality. And all it shows is how disconnected the political class is.’

MORE: https://t.co/InCwmfzesB #gleeso
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Hon @Gary_Hardgrave on pilltesting:

‘We have so many soft people involved in politics right now, particularly in state governments,who say it’s all too hard. There’s too many people so we’ll let people out. Why don't we build more prisons?’

MORE: https://t.co/QJsPAh89Gf #gleeso
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.@CampbellNewman in response to @greencate Faehrmann's drug revelations: ‘Drugs are all through our community now…We need to treat this as a public health issue…I don’t agree her on the pill testing, I think that is just la la land stuff.’

MORE: https://t.co/QJsPAh89Gf #gleeso
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Hon @Gary_Hardgrave using Afterpay to pay for dental care:

‘I’m a huge believer in private health insurance. When the Howard government brought in the 30% rebate, they didn’t means test at all … I think that should be brought back.’

MORE: https://t.co/5WAIuvF3nw #gleeso
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Former Premier of Queensland @CampbellNewman says US Media have taken @realDonaldTrump criticism too far:

‘I don’t much like the guy but the US Media have completely overplayed it, they’ve lost their objectivity, and it’s pretty tiresome.’

MORE: https://t.co/bW7j87Kk1J #gleeso
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Ian Wood is calling for routine DNA testing in Victoria after he was incorrectly told a man was his offspring, following a 1984 sperm donor.

MORE: https://t.co/UrfMNnnuop #gleeso
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