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"If there's an uptick in civilian casualties I would blame it on ISIS" US diplomat says on #Mosul https://t.co/MV735TV6Uf
23 minutes
Eight activists have stopped flights out of #Stansted after holding a deportation protest https://t.co/rR4MkqegOx
39 minutes
The UK and Europe: "You can't wind up a 40-year relationship overnight" writes @EdConwaySky https://t.co/XRiPYyRIrm
50 minutes
#Brexit Deadline: Time left to reach a deal https://t.co/5pYTx3p2rT
58 minutes
The family of a woman who fell into the River Thames during the #Westminster terror attack has thanked the people who saved her #London
A man has been attacked and killed by his pet Staffordshire Bull terrier https://t.co/eARbiw7p8t
Pound under pressure as Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50 https://t.co/OCNVIT1Nqu
A plan to steal the body of F1 racing pioneer Enzo Ferrari has been stopped by Italian police https://t.co/JseSSzBu3K
Theresa May has signed a letter to invoke Article 50 and trigger #Brexit https://t.co/5lE3IYZWGf
A "miraculous" new breeding population of a critically endangered tiger species has been found https://t.co/QyEzBUGhvw
Half of Britons are happy about #Article50 being triggered #Brexit @SkyData https://t.co/3K96Tt2rr0
Critically endangered Indochinese tiger cubs found in Thai jungle https://t.co/JMpU7HVp4Y
Samsung to release new phone after Note 7 woes https://t.co/DZWOBJiLjN
Deportation protest halts flights out of Stansted Airport https://t.co/2pHbwriqRw
Coalition of manufacturers warns on 'lose-lose' Brexit for both sides https://t.co/z8tiVqnTWS
Quadriplegic man's arm and hand brought back to life by thought-control tech https://t.co/teLEM6msCf
There will be a wait to see what happens after a 40-year relationship ends https://t.co/LAk6wncs7S
US diplomat hits back at Mosul civilian death claims https://t.co/y5jMfmVuSD
GUARDIAN FRONT PAGE: ‘Today, Britain steps into the unknown' #skypapers
GUARDIAN FRONT PAGE: ‘Today, Britain steps into the unknown' #skypapers
MAIL FRONT PAGE: ‘Freedom!' #skypapers
MAIL FRONT PAGE: ‘Freedom!' #skypapers
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