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Poll: Majority say Jeremy Corbyn wrong to refuse Brexit talks with Theresa May https://t.co/sqDdhLitsU
Johnson: Now is the time to use Brexit to unite the country https://t.co/eppDUwMkqB
.@theresa_may tells @jeremycorbyn it is 'impossible' to rule out 'no-deal' Brexit https://t.co/fhNlUJIThv
Obama praised Duke's smooth driving, but is he too old to drive at 97? https://t.co/W3qiakX83P
'Order! Order! Order!'
Following an epic few days in Westminster, the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has become an unlikely global celebrity. 🌍

Get more on this story here: https://t.co/7bRO8XjxpQ
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World's 'biggest great white shark' pictured off Hawaii 🦈https://t.co/NEdFToW26G
"There was a lot of glass and debris on the road" - Berneen Caney an eyewitness of the aftermath of the car accident that involved the Duke of Edinburgh talks to Sky News.

Get the latest on this story here: https://t.co/x1a7JPF9XB
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Jeremy Corbyn has sought to stop Labour MPs from helping the government break a deadlock over #Brexit https://t.co/0jvRLCoUjE
“During the war, people helped each other.”

Oscar winning actress Vanessa Redgrave has directed a film highlighting the plight of refugees.

Have a look at our interactive feature on migrants crossing the English Channel: https://t.co/JBNcTueSsj
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Video footage shows a bystander innocently looking at a bomber involved in the Nairobi terror attack, who seconds later set off a suicide vest killing dozens of people.

21 people were killed in the attack - read the full story here: https://t.co/GFdjZAfT1F
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