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A fall in rates of teen pregnancy may be linked to young people spending more time online, on schoolwork and with their families https://t.co/7fjvHpUrOK
"That was strange" - Watch the moment Donald Trump was plunged into darkness during a news conference

Find out more about his comments over Russian interference in the US elections here: https://t.co/WOgI1fPUqz
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This brown bear took a quick dip in Los Angeles after temperatures hit 32C (90F) 🌞

For more great video, head here: https://t.co/tQbukqPJvx
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Aviation giant Airbus has warned that #Brexit runs the risk of destroying success the company has achieved over the last 40 years https://t.co/3OuzE0sUu7
Don't go for a dip! Holidaymakers have been warned against swimming in a Cornwall harbour after a nine-foot shark was spotted 🦈https://t.co/FEwKBvgQlc
'How did they survive before help arrived?' - @SiobhanRobbins is in Chiang Rai where the football team trapped in the #Thailandcave will make their first public appearance at a news conference

Here's how the rescue unfolded: https://t.co/AEtRoSjnXo
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A swimsuit model has been praised for breastfeeding her daughter while modelling on a catwalk https://t.co/amO8LsTxz2
Watch the moment the mother of Brazilian football star Taison is kidnapped at gunpoint

Find more of the day's videos here: https://t.co/tQbukqPJvx
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EasyJet raises profit horizon despite costs of strike turbulence https://t.co/k0CSr0KcR9
Eyewitness: @CordeliaSkyNews has found that outside Washington DC, not everyone is outraged by @realDonaldTrump's approach to #Russia https://t.co/Mk8uD3Akv6
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