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Navy combat veteran & retired NASA astronaut. Commanded final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Co-founded @Resp_Solutions. Husband to @GabbyGiffords.

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The @NASA_Hubble telescope has been going strong for 30 years now. Without it, our universe would seem a darker place. Glad to see Camera 3 is up and running again.https://t.co/oa8wgK6gcv
When I first got to know @GabbyGiffords 15 years ago, I thought she was way out of my league. For good reason: she's smart, witty & fiercely determined. Everywhere we go, her smile is contagious. I dare you not to be inspired by this Q&A@washingtonpost. https://t.co/BxrGLbXREB
97% of Americans support universal background checks. The math on this isn't hard.

It’s time for Congress to listen to the people it represents. Please, call your representative and tell them to support #HR8. Text SAFE to 90975. #gunsafetynow
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Our nation will never be able to repay the Navajo Code Talkers. Take a moment to remember the life of Alfred Newman. It was lived in service. Rest in peace, Marine. https://t.co/p6iGB62Duy
8 years ago, I got a call that changed my life forever. Gabby was shot in the head. 6 of her constituents died. 12 others were injured.

And Congress has done nothing ever since. We take a big leap forward today with the introduction of background checks. https://t.co/3SmDU9X9Vn
I served in the US Navy & NASA for 25 years. The livelihoods of our government workforce shouldn’t be held hostage by Washington politicians. The best people will eventually walk — that impacts all of us. We must do a better job resolving our differences. https://t.co/fbu3UxRNNf
America’s space program has always set the example for the world. China's moon landing is a scientific achievement no doubt. But it's also a reminder that we need to get back to policy over politics—or the world might leave us behind. https://t.co/XYP9UwQFHP
Nothing can bring solace to families in Newtown that wake up to a nightmare daily—one where a seat sits empty at the table and the life of a loved one remains frozen in time.

We’ve made progress since Sandy Hook. But not nearly enough. That begins to change in January.
You may not have heard — but the deadline to enroll for insurance through https://t.co/vXbpFECuY1 is coming up. If you need healthcare coverage next year, sign up by December 15. And help spread the word. #getcovered https://t.co/sUaUNVgHaX
Sailors are the lifeblood of every ship. The crew aboard the USS Carl Vinson is no different. Gabby and I were honored to join them out at sea over the weekend.
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