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The official Twitter for The National September 11 Memorial & Museum. #911Memorial #911Museum

Latest Scoops

We’re live from the #911MuseumTalk “Skywalkers” with Kahnawake Council Chief Lindsay LeBorgne, Robert Walsh of Local 40, and artist Melissa Cacciola, exploring the Mohawk ironworkers’ contribution to building NYC. https://t.co/dHu4HHeW6d
Florence Gregory was a longtime resident of Breezy Point, Queens. On 9/11, Florence was near the top of the South Tower, where she worked as a marine insurance specialist at Aon Corporation. Today on her 56th birthday a white rose was placed at her name on the #911Memorial.
Tonight, we welcome Kahnawake Council Chief Lindsay LeBorgne, Robert Walsh of Local 40, & artist Melissa Cacciola to the "Sk#911MuseumTalkywalkers" exploring the Mohawk ironworkers’ contribution to building NYC. More about tonight's public program panel: https://t.co/mBrUzaxxGQ
Following the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa, Syrians are fighting to rebuild their shattered lives in a war-torn nation. @vicenews correspondent @IsobelYeung will discuss her recent reporting from conflict zones in the Middle East at the #911MuseumTalk on 12/18. https://t.co/QnivK7uDPC
Flowers were placed at the Survivor Tree in honor of the victims of the attack in Strasbourg, France. #Strasbourg #911Memorial #SurvivorTree
Kahnawake Council Chief Lindsay LeBorgne, Robert Walsh of Local 40 and artist Melissa Cacciola will explore Mohawk ironworkers’ contributions to the Twin Towers at the #911MuseumTalk "Skywalkers" on 12/13 at 7pm at the #911Museum. https://t.co/DzJZGOLmiM
Members of the Mohawk nation scaled astonishing heights to build NYC skyscrapers. We invite you to the #911MuseumTalk “Skywalkers” on 12/13 where you can learn more about the essential role Mohawk ironworkers played in the history of lower Manhattan. https://t.co/DzJZGOLmiM
Hanging inside the #911Museum are 99 international flags that epitomize the global impact of 9/11. The placement of these flags is inspired by the international flags originally hung in the Twin Tower lobbies. https://t.co/GDzsWZ96nu #MuseumMonday
Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, relatives, friends and even strangers wore these bracelets inscribed with victims’ names, personal messages and symbols. How do you remember? https://t.co/FP1MppAlwT #911Memorial #911Museum
College football rivals, the and will take Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia this Saturday for their 119th game. As the century old rivals get ready to battle it out on the gridiron, we look back at their match up from 2001. https://t.co/HValw0QC2K
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