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U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

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I want to thank @JeffFlake for his service. As part of this Senate majority, he’s had a hand in many policy accomplishments that have tangibly made life better for Arizonans and the nation.
When President Trump signs the #FarmBill into law, it will be a big win for farmers in Kentucky and across our country. Farming families deserve more stability, and that is precisely what they will have.
It strengthens protections for victims. It ensures that it is members of Congress who will be held responsible for their own misconduct -- not taxpayers. Thank yo @KlobucharOfficeu a @RoyBluntnd for working hard to get this done.
The Senate and the House have reached a landmark agreement to reform the process by which Capitol Hill handles claims of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It is a bicameral and bipartisan agreement.
I’m sad to bid farewell to a living example of the American dream at its most extraordinary. @SenOrrinHatch has been the longest-serving Republican Senator in our nation’s history. I wish him a peaceful and happy retirement.
The Senate took a major step yesterday by passing the Farm Bill, which will deliver a big shot in the arm to farmers and rural communities. I’m especially proud it will open a new door for industrial #hemp farmers in #Kentucky and around the country.
At a time when farm income is down and growers are struggling, industrial hemp is a bright spot of agriculture’s future. My provision in the Farm Bill will not only legalize domestic hemp, but it will also allow state departments of agriculture to be responsible for its oversight
Senate Republicans are working with the President and his Homeland Security team on $5.02 billion of targeted funding to bolster security measures at the US-Mexico border.
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