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I remember what it was like before #RoevWade . I know the lengths women took so they could make their own decisions regarding their health and their destiny. I know all too well just how dangerous it was before Roe. We can't go back to those days.
Government shutdowns should never be used as a negotiating tool. Their effects are too harmful, as we’re seeing with the 800,000 federal employees and contractors who are about to miss another paycheck.
Allowing transgender individuals to serve has no negative effect on the military’s mission readiness. Our military is stronger when all Americans are allowed to serve openly and proudly. The Supreme Court should respect the rights of those willing to bravely serve our country.
#RoevWade is the foundation of our personal liberty and privacy rights. More than guaranteeing women the right to make their own health care decisions, the principles enshrined in Roe guarantee all Americans the ability to be in relationships with and marry who they love. #Roe46
Federal employees shouldn’t be used as pawns. We can’t continue to ask federal workers to be furloughed or work without pay every time the president doesn’t get his way. That’s why I plan to vote yes on the House Democratic plan to reopen the government.
The White House and Senate Republicans are trying AGAIN to repeal humanitarian and due process protections for unaccompanied immigrant children. Read my @PostOpinions op-ed on why I wrote the law creating these protections. https://t.co/uCye5zLUZB
Congratulations to the #LARams on locking down a trip to the Super Bowl! Looking forward to facing the @Patriots in two weeks. Yet another matchup with @SenKamalaHarris against Massachusetts Senators @SenWarren and @SenMarkey! Good luck! #SBLIII
In 1994, Congress established #MLKDay as a national day of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s lifelong dedication to equality for all. Find a volunteer opportunity near you and help keep Dr. King’s legacy alive. https://t.co/lfzgyZzb0M
If you’re affected by the shutdown, I want to hear your story. You can submit them on my website: https://t.co/oocr5hNRty #ShutdownStories
I’m proud to once again cosponsor legislation raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. This is a commonsense idea to raise the standard of living for millions of hardworking Americans. We must #RaiseTheWage. https://t.co/HmHJgfeezL
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