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Not a single lawmaker—regardless of party—should be allowed to dismiss this report. Congress has a job to do.
After legalizing #hemp in the Farm Bill, we should be expanding opportunities for growers. Instead, the #TrumpShutdown has halted implementation & increased uncertainty for the industry. With , ca@SenatorTesterlling on to @usbrupdate its policies: https://t.co/wWHDWpEQbq
As farmers & ranchers navigate the uncertainty of drought, investing in technology is one of the best ways we can provide more opportunities for success. Congrats to for@CUBoulder securing gra@ARPAEnt & leading the way to develop innovative ag tools. https://t.co/ypf4YfEer3
.@senatemajldr can end this #TrumpShutdown today.

Instead, he’s putting legislation on the floor to attack women’s health care.
As the shutdown drags on, Colorado breweries like @upslope—which I visited last year—face uncertainty over new beer launches & stand to lose thousands in revenue. It’s far past time to reopen the government. Today I called on to @USTreasurytake action: https://t.co/aWssQNG7Fi
Our outdoor economy and the Coloradans that support it are suffering because of th #TrumpShutdowne . How ma #ShutdownStoriesny like Bruce’s will it take @realDonaldTrumpfor to come to his senses and end this shutdown?
Today, we took to the Capitol steps to highlight stories of Americans harmed by the #TrumpShutdown. Bruce, an Estes Park tour guide, has seen disappointed guests cancel their tours. Bruce’s story is like that of thousands of Coloradans who are losing money due to the shutdown.
For the first time, kids fighting cancer will have the same access to innovative drugs as adults. This is one of our greatest achievements from last Congress w/ @marcorubio, @KIDSvCANCER & many others. Ready to see it implemented in 2020.
The idea that, in the 21st century, some people are trying to restrict everyone from being counted in the #2020Census is a profound embarrassment to our country. SCOTUS should uphold this decision. https://t.co/KdENgWymPX
Over the weekend, our government set a new record.
Not for the number of roads repaired or bridges built.
Not for higher graduation rates for our kids.
Not for passing the most bills or investing in our future.
But for the longest shutdown in U.S. history.
This is a travesty.
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