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Society needs more individuals like me... Guitarist & organist of fashion-art band @PalayeRoyale. Debut album, Boom Boom Room available almost everywhere!

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My drunken self says, “Sebastian steal a yacht in Auckland.”

My sober professional side says, “Sebastian steal a yacht in Auckland.”
Life is wonderful. I love you all. Fuck so thankful.
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Palaye Royale: Royal Television (Season 03: Episode 06) https://t.co/IE46M61MZT via @YouTube
Most confused I’ve been in awhile.

“What’s your favorite fortnight dance?.... What’s fortnight?”
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I love @underscoregeoff and @JawnRocha such beautiful people.
Dude don’t be mean...
Me and are doing the damn Hawaii thing. So excited to swim with dolphins. Actually the dolphins should be excited to swim with me.
Shiny shirt and some martinis will put me on my right place. You alright? Naw I’m swight.
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