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Society needs more individuals like me... Guitarist & organist of fashion-art band @PalayeRoyale. Debut album, Boom Boom Room available almost everywhere!

Latest Scoops

Munich you are love - I am in love.
It is 7 o’clock in the morning - in my bunk on Palaye Royale’s tour bus looking out to the country side of Germany.

Shows are selling out and the Royal Council are perfect.

My heart is full and I’m so thankful for the life I live.

Moments like this makes me smile. x
Was very close to stabbing someone. Thankful we made it on the plane. See you tomorrow Europe!

Berlin I can’t wait to see you.
I’m playing this brand new acoustic guitar for VIP acoustic shows on The a Final Boom EU/UK tour.

I will be signing it and selling it at the last show of the tour. Which is London!
High as a kite on this thing called life.

Leaving for our headline European and United Kingdom tour!

Boom Boom Room: Side B comes out on Friday, September 28th.

And I am actually very happy with the person I am these days.

Thankful! x
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