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Society needs more individuals like me... Guitarist & organist of fashion-art band @PalayeRoyale. Debut album, Boom Boom Room available almost everywhere!

Latest Scoops

Whenever I cross the boarder into Canada I just want to move back. Toronto will always been one of my favorite cities and the fact the Canadian crowds are so lovely makes it that much better. 🇨🇦
I couldn’t be a rapper.

I don’t know what to do with my hands when I talk about fucking your lady and making paper.
Victoria Justice is missing out.
Favorite part of the day is crawling into bed, taking my pants off and throwing them on the ground of the bus.

Tonight will be interesting as we are crossing the Canadian/United States boarder.
Desperation isn’t pretty but I desperately want a date with @EmmaWatson.
Hour 52 of no sleep. I just want to sleep.
You can thank @Coldplay’s “A Rush Of Blood to the Head” album and @Oasis’s “Mastplan” album for teaching me how to learn piano.
I love listening to music with headphones on looking up to the ceiling or the sky. No distractions. You feel like you are there watching that band play that song for you. Enjoy creating music videos of my life in my head. Crazy how music can have that affect on your daily life.
Dying In A Hot Tub is my favorite track we have ever wrote as a band thus far.

Lyrically it is the most honest song. Witnessing your friend self destruct throughout the years and hasn’t stopped is something difficult to witness.
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