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  3. david thouless has been located! thanks to everyone who looked, he has been returned home.
David Thouless has been located! Thanks to everyone who looked, he has been returned home. https://t.co/Ajmj1ksuS9


Three Chicago police officers were found not guilty of covering up Laquan McDonald's killing in 2015 — the officer who shot McDonald has already been found guilty of murder
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Vegetarian who lectures meat eaters has been branded a hypocrite as she whizzes around the world in £20 million private jet https://t.co/7Dkx45bNyJ
RT's @Polly_Boiko reports on the possibility of a second referendum on #Brexit as she looks at previous referenda which has been reran in Europe.

But is that fair on the people who vote Leave?
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A man who was already in jail in another case has been charged with the 2018 stabbing death of Brandon Porter-Young, a popular Whitney Young High School student with autism. https://t.co/l38t8gvGwO
Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib were elected, there was Lee Carter, a self-described socialist who has been in the Virginia House of Delegates for the last year https://t.co/WEHnw80Ng8
A West Virginia magistrate has been asked to block prosecutors from introducing evidence or witnesses during the trial of a man who overdosed in a car that crashed near a crowded Huntington playground
Man who allegedly threw hot coffee in McDonald's worker face has been arrested. https://t.co/Wrs8aO2PoE
“As someone who has been on both sides of the microphone, I think there’s a limited amount of progress that can be made for causes on a [red] carpet,” @IAmCattSadler says. “Awareness is valuable, but real change doesn’t happen here alone.” https://t.co/blR0TYcH2o
If Trump did order Cohen to perjure himself about Trump Tower Moscow, among those who knew the truth - and could use it to protect or harm Trump and his family - has been Vladimir Putin. If the story is true, the Russian president can be blackmailing the US president to this day
BREAKING | The Harris County Sheriff's Office confirms that as of 3:30 a.m. the suspect has been located in a hotel along W. Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8. https://t.co/ZmNq4nOnR8
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