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  3. david thouless has been located! thanks to everyone who looked, he has been returned home.
David Thouless has been located! Thanks to everyone who looked, he has been returned home. https://t.co/Ajmj1ksuS9


1 in 110 has left behind friends.

1 in 110 has made the decision of whether they had time to grab photo albums.

1 in 110 has had their world turned upside-down.

1 in 110 has faced the unthinkable.

1 in 110 has been forced to flee their home.
After almost two full years as a Major League Soccer franchise, Minnesota United FC has been a successful draw in a crowded sports market. The Loons have more than 50,000 tickets sold for their final home game of the season to prove it
The lawyer for Biafran separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu says he has spoken to his client, who has not been seen in public since September 2017
Gov. Bill Walker of Alaska, a political independent who has been engaged in an uphill battle for a second term, suspended his campaign on Friday. It sent the race into chaos. https://t.co/NRPkAshoqx
Gardaí have appealed for information about a 50-year-old man who has been missing from New Ross in Co Wexford since 11 October https://t.co/4aylm4Gtd6
Thank you to our loyal KRDO viewers who alerted us of the programing issue. The problem has been fixed and the rest of today's programming will continue as usual. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
"This has always been about power. It's always been about who gets to control life in this country ... And so the more people you have coming into the electorate, the more you dilute the current power structure." Loretta Lynch on voter suppression. https://t.co/ZK8r0HJXtu
A man has been arrested this morning (Saturday) after a home was set on fire in #Leigh. https://t.co/ct6GkI4oBB
Since the first years of the Virginia colony, Pocahontas has been a pawn.
Now she's been dragged into 21st century politics, her name regularly invoked as a slur by a U.S. president against a senator who might try to unseat him. https://t.co/cBqcqEOj82
A man has been arrested after a woman suffered serious burns in a firebomb attack on her home https://t.co/qOoV9dZbuI
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