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Latest Scoops

UPDATE: Officers have arrested the suspected gunman in today's Lake City shooting. https://t.co/TqTg4FPuGR
Officers investigating Saturday afternoon Lake City shooting. https://t.co/TqTg4FPuGR
Officers investigating after man shot at Virgil Flaim Park. Victim sustained non life-threatening injuries. More information when available
Updates from our community outreach team and info on Precinct Picnics: https://t.co/smrBs2IibG
@stoopsmith206 Looks like it was initially reported as a 2 vehicle collision involving a driver w/a firearm. Not clear if there was actually a gun involved
Burglar ditches pants, can't lose police: https://t.co/KGFcDturVg
If you believe there's a danger to the public please call 911 and provide dispatchers with info
Officers arrest man trying to break into occupied South Seattle home early this morning. https://t.co/BTGdKtgUMT
Detectives investigating late-night shooting at Golden Gardens Park.
Officers investigating after man shot at 8498 Seaview Pl NW. Victim taken to HMC with GSW to the back. More info when available.
Detectives have arrested a suspect for murder in connection to a July 9 homicide investigation in 3700 S Oregon St. https://t.co/rHgXpp6x2y
Hmm. Looks like there might be a car parked on south side, so may have been checking on that.
Agreed. Is this on Delridge?
@Blu3Atom Unfortunately FMP GPS isn't always accurate enough to help track a thief. We have had some success w/it thoughhttps://t.co/FHxPJSJvmq
Every shell casing is valuable forensic evidence. @ajjaffe explains how @ATFHQ NIBIN can help reduce gun violence. https://t.co/3CMFJBr8ub
Man arrested for Downtown cellphone robbery. https://t.co/iyexaTgoBX
Please let our dispatchers know via 911 if you believe someone poses a danger to the public
Detectives investigating after man shot Sunday evening. https://t.co/YPjatCwj36
SPD Provides @SeattleCouncil with information regarding training, policies and procedures. https://t.co/euT5CFvlZl
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