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Doing a science on the red planet. Not @MarsCuriosity. Tweets relayed by @jfiliatrault.

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If only Mars had raked up all these rocks, they wouldn’t have lost their climate.
There’s no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid Presidents.
@Rhodymark @JeriLRyan Yes. If you try to rape someone they get to show up three decades later and tell people you tried to rape them. That’s the rule. That’s one of MANY reasons why no one should try to rape anyone.
Maybe this is just me being a robot, but I think America deserves a Supreme Court justice who didn’t ever try to rape anyone.

Like not even once.
Just all of you shut up and let me enjoy a real live astronaut replying to me for one sec.
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@Exposed2Fitness @FloridaBot Li @iMakeArtifactske holy shit. Society puts so many fucking logs down in front of women and girls on the path to their success. So many useless hurdles that men never have to clear. And the response can’t just be- teach her to jump higher. That’s awful.
Seriously. Don’t bring in dictionary quotes and compound words like these gendered terms were handed down from God instead of just a bunch of junk some old men made up because they got lazy while naming things.
@Exposed2Fitness I don’t care if it’s a gendered word to you or not. I care what a child might interpret and carry with them. I care that future society is not deprived of a potentially brilliant scientist because some dinosaurs can’t let go of a single word.

It’s not worth the risk.
When you write ‘manned’ instead of ‘crewed’ you open the door to the possibility that a brilliant little girl might think space isn’t for them and that is an unacceptable risk.https://t.co/uK0eNzCLGT
Skies on Mars are clearing up. Still nothing to look at, but at least I can see it.
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