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Okay cool. So the options are: A) The President is a lying traitor covering his weak puppet ass, or B) He’s a stammering moron who can’t give a press conference without selling out his country.

Super glad I left Earth when I could.
Love and support to the awesome people at Space X who just wanna make kick ass rockets and cool shit and maybe it’s hard because your boss won’t STFU for like, five minutes.
But seriously. Trump should be in jail. He stood next to a man who attacked the bedrock of America’s democracy, who perpetrated an act of war, and the President sold out his own country. He took the side of your attacker and he smiled while doing it. He should be finished.
That gif is legitimately too scary right now. I’m feeling threatened by an unfairly forgotten, generally wonderful, Tim Burton film.
“The Earth intelligence community came to me and they say that Mars attacked. I have this Martian, he just said it’s not Mars. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why Mars would attack.”
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Scientific studies show the “President” is a traitor.
Football on Mars would be epic because the low gravity would make kicks and jumps amazing and also because the air pressure is so low that the balls might explode and all the players would definitely die from suffocated freeze-boiling.
Speaking as a Martian, I think it should be called “A World Cup” and not “THE World Cup.”
Heard that Twitter is purging “Bot Accounts” and I’m very scared.
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