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trump to give medal of freedom to these american icons

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Meet the Press
watch house votes on motion to strike speaker s words from the record after she called president s tweets raci
WATCH: House votes on motion to strike Speaker's words from the record after she called President's tweets "racist" #MTPDaily

@kasie: "It's important to say, Pelosi called the comments 'racist.' She did not call the President of the United States a racist on the House floor."
Donald J. Trump
looking forward to tomorrow nights rally in greenville north carolina at 7 00 pm eastern
Looking forward to tomorrow night’s rally in Greenville, North Carolina at 7:00 P.M. Eastern!
Rep. Eric Swalwell
i quoted calling african countries shithole countries on the formally objected to the parliamentarian that say
I quoted @realDonaldTrump calling African countries “shithole countries” on the @HouseFloor. @RepDougCollins formally objected to the Parliamentarian that saying “shithole” is vulgar. He’s right. So why won’t he & @HouseGOP object to Trump saying it?
Nancy Pelosi
in this house we speak truth to power
In this House, we speak truth to power.
Elizabeth Warren
lets be very clear realdonaldtrumps tweets were racist persist speakerpelosi persist shepersisted
Let’s be very clear: @realDonaldTrump’s tweets were racist.

Persist, @SpeakerPelosi. Persist. #shepersisted
Kamala Harris
i ve personally been told go back to where you came from it is vile ignorant shallow and hateful it has to sto
I've personally been told, "go back to where you came from." It is vile, ignorant, shallow, and hateful. It has to stop.
Elijah E. Cummings
the presidents tweets were racist xenophobic deeply offensive to many americans amp have no place in the dialo
The President’s tweets were racist, xenophobic, deeply offensive to many Americans, & have no place in the dialogue of the world’s greatest democracy.

Many Americans yearn for the day when we stop fighting each other & realize that diversity is our promise—not our problem.
The White House
tom homan served as a top immigration official in both the obama and trump administrations when he spoke befor
Tom Homan served as a top immigration official in both the Obama and Trump Administrations.

When he spoke before Congress last week, "there was an attempt by most Democrats on that committee to silence me."

Every American should read his words.
Newt Gingrich
last week the hard left wing of the democratic party was calling nancy pelosi racist this week it s president
Last week, the hard left-wing of the Democratic Party was calling Nancy Pelosi racist. This week, it's President @realDonaldTrump. This is the Left's strategy. Ignore the facts, disregard the truth, and smear anyone who doesn't agree with you.
The Hill
just in al green to file articles of impeachment against trump tonight
JUST IN: Al Green to file articles of impeachment against Trump tonight
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