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Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

Latest Scoops

William Barr's Grandson Wrote Him The Most Precious Note https://t.co/ETvjEApmxg
House Minority Leader Savages Pelosi For Even Thinking About Travelling During Shutdown https://t.co/4vLSkRYDan
California's New Governor Proposes 6 Months Of Paid Parental Leave https://t.co/UWS2BalJWR
Lindsey Graham Isn’t Too Pleased With Trump’s Latest Move https://t.co/EsEfBzwo1K
New Committee Chair Maxine Waters Has Found Her First Target In Trump Admin. https://t.co/c5KaA3HE8q
School Tells Kids They Can't Promote 'Bring Your Bible To School Day', The Families Are Fighting Back https://t.co/Jg77MHrv8z
People Are Throwing Gillette Products Away After New ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad https://t.co/lKfqIzN6CQ
Grounded: Trump Cancels Pelosi's Foreign Trip On Military Plane With Legendary Letter https://t.co/EMFTv5mevj
Wait…What? ESPN Host Suggests Trump Feeding Clemson Team Was Racist https://t.co/0hitNUhe6F
Bombshell: FBI, DOJ Officials Were Warned by Bruce Ohr the Dossier Was Connected to Clinton https://t.co/jRgyIGfaxs
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