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Keeping humans out of harm’s way 🤖 An automated team of Sandia-designed robots handles the work of dismantling more than 700,000 obsolete @USArmy munitions
From rocket scientist to rocket surgeon 🚀 Shayna Begay shares how traditions in her Navajo Native American culture led to a career in engineering #GirlDay2019
Sandia and @splunk team up to lure would-be hackers into HADES, a deceptive security system that gives cyber defenders a real-time look into intruders’ methods 💻
By shocking everyday electronics with “friendly” EMPs, researchers in this Sandia facility are helping develop more resilient devices ⚡
“If you’ve got a technology or strain that you think is a winner, we’ll help you prove it.” 🌱 Sandia invites industry partners to join program aimed at promoting #algae productivity
Using nanoscale chemistry, Sandia researchers are making solid ground toward advancing lithium-ion #batteries in small electronics 🔋 #BatteryDay
#OnThisDay in #energy history, 1745 ⚡ the inventor of the first electric battery and namesake of the volt, Alessandro Volta, was born #BatteryDay
Happy 455th birthday to physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher #Galileo Galilei, born #OnThisDay in 1564 🔭
When it comes to love, sometimes you have to say it with science 💖 Expand your loved one’s universe with these physics-inspired #Valentines from @symmetrymag
Hearts and soles 👟 Through a 60-year-old annual giving tradition, Sandia employees raise $10,000 to purchase shoes for local kids in need #GiveBack

The Most Relevant

Happy birthday, engineer & inventor Nikola #Tesla, whose alternating current system changed how we use #energy ⚡️ born #OnThisDay in 1856
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Happy birthday, Hedy Lamarr, actress and #inventor of the spread-spectrum communication tech behind WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, born #OnThisDay in 1914
Happy birthday, Hedy Lamarr, actress & #inventor of spread-spectrum tech behind WiFi & GPS, born #OnThisDay in 1914
Happy birthday to physicist, engineer and inventor Nikola #Tesla, whose alternating current system changed how we use #energy ⚡️ born #OnThisDay in 1856
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It's the birthday of the pioneering astronomer who discovered the first direct evidence of dark matter, Vera Rubin, born #OnThisDay in 1928 🔭 #WomenInSTEM
Born #OnThisDay 150 yrs ago, science pioneer & only person to win a Nobel Prize in 2 different fields: #MarieCurie 🔬
Happy 159th birthday, engineer & inventor Nikola #Tesla, whose alternating current system changed how we use #energy.
The Atomic Age began #OnThisDay in 1942 when the first controlled #nuclear chain reaction was achieved under the stands of the University of Chicago football stadium
Inside the Sandia Z Machine, where scientists turned #hydrogen into metal via #science
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