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Olympic Gold, European Gold & Commonweath Games Silver medalist. Team GB Hockey player. LFC & NFL Fan. For media enquiries contact:

Latest Scoops

😳😲💪🏻 - Unreal skills!!

As some guy tries ruin the waiters spinning tray trick, so the waiter serves up some revenge 😂
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I suppose that’s one way of saving time! 😳😂🙈
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God dammit... @CherylOfficial wore it better...

... now looking for a red military style jacket
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Can’t work out whether this hat looks good or makes me look like that bloke from the Village People...

Buy or leave? 🤔
Badda dum dum dum tsh... Another one bites the dust... tsh-tsh https://t.c
😂 I don’t remember seeing you on any pitch, Mr “Semi-Pro” 😉 https://t.c
😉 good man - just a bit of fun 👍🏻
The woman that used to be in the Boddingtons adverts.

The Most Relevant

🤣 Imagine the scene...

For weeks you have taught your class how a caterpillar 🐛 becomes a butterfly 🦋 by nurturing one in your classroom...

You go outside to release the butterfly into the world and inspire the children with the wonders of nature... then this happens...
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Prince Harry’s ex girlfriends face at the #RoyalWedding is a picture 😂

👏🏻Phil Basser, a 99 year old #Eagles  Fan whose lived in Philadelphia since 1918 & supported them since their inception in 1933...

“If I live to be 100, I might see the Eagles win a #SuperBowl ”

...He was at the stadium & turns 100 next month.👍🏻

#FlyEagleFly #SB52  #SBLII
United fans shouldn’t be disheartened at conceding two goals at home to PSG... Liverpool did too.

...Granted Neymar and Cavani were playing for PSG when we played them

...and we scored three times to win

But chin up ey 💪🏻

Jesus may have turned water into wine, but #Coutinho 's back recovery has to be up there with the very best miracles going... #LFC #YNWA
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Nothing to see here...

Just a dog being trained to do emergency CPR...


Look after animals and they will look after you!

#CharityTuesday #TuesdayThoughts #Dogs
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Roma 3 Barcelona 0
Man City 1 Liverpool 2

“I came to Barcelona to win a Champions League”

Currently sat in the back of a taxi in Bhubaneswar in India, minding my own business and then almost swallowed my own tongue when I spotted this painted in a wall outside a local hospital...

Now I have tears rolling down my face.

Never in doubt 😳🙈😳

4-3... “and we got SALAH...” 🎶💪🏻😂

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I bet Jamie Vardy is made up it’s Dennis Wise in #ImACeleb and not John Terry...
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