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I get my strength from Him.
I get my strength from Him.


Get the most from the performance categories in MIPS and build your final MIPS score. Members can download the free updated step-by-step guide to MIPS under #MACRA's QPP. https://t.co/JJBsMB5Ry5
Chronic pain is all too common. From sitting at work, to carrying heavy objects, to pregnancy, our bodies can get out of alignment. Inversion therapy can help relieve back pain and has many other health benefits too.
Falls are THE leading cause of injuries requiring hospitalization in the elderly. We’ve seen studies that talk about correlations between the ability to get up & down from the floor and… https://t.co/Y3Ojd3i0Bp
One you decide to humiliate yourself in a desperate attempt to attract attention from others there is no telling how messed up you can get.
Did you get a chance to see our #USAIDTransforms video from #Malawi? @USAID and partners are helping to save the lives of preemies in #Africa with this innovative CPAP prototype. Learn more about champion, Florence, here: https://t.co/HhEH7ZyYO5
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