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I get my strength from Him.
I get my strength from Him.


Anyway, I'll get back to normal service from now on. Did I tell you that I stood on a blob of jam in the kitchen this morning? And that the dog would not leave my bloody foot alone?
UV levels are high across many parts of the country today. Get information on protecting yourself and those most at risk in hot weather from @NHSChoices https://t.co/eAPjSrk8TL
"If the AIDS response does not get new funding we are concerned that we will see a rise in the epidemic, despite having all the tools needed t #endAIDSo , " sa @aurelinkbys from @CoalitionPLUS .

Read the 2018 Global AIDS Update herehttps://t.co/r1szC5D4MH:
Get motivated and study more efficiently with these top tips from OU student @ReadingRes:


@Debradoodoo Hi Debra, we haven't entered into any agreement that prevents us from challenging Government departments and will continue to campaign independently for a welfare system that works for people with mental health problems. We won’t stop speaking out until we get a benefits 1/2
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