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I get my strength from Him.
I get my strength from Him.


Do you want to get the most nutrition from your #carrots? Here's how: https://t.co/SEiDPVJtop
A generous gift of $5 million from @DeltaDental to support oral healthcare services at the second Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic will help more kids get the dental care they need and deserve, closer to home. #healthysmile https://t.co/tZPqTzlnYF
Being trendy is not the same as catching a trend on the upswing. Some get fooled here. One can make you a small fortune. The other usually takes money from you and puts it in someone else’s pocket.
From voter registration drives to on-the-ground canvassing, we're determined to get every eligible Latino to exercise their right to vote this Nov. A big thank you to UnidosUS Affiliate @PromiseArizona for helping us make our #Powerof18 event a success! https://t.co/oOQq6lhoM5
God didn't promise a life without pain, struggles, and hardships. He promise to give you the strength to get through them.
From determining gender to unleashing “superpowers” like tetrachromatism, the X chromosome has some mysterious traits. Head to Get Science to find out more: https://t.co/M7NvUy35yr
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