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Bangin out some @Drake #Nonstop with @anthonykissdj right now
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... sorry bout that. had the caps lock on. Enjoy the show! Can't wait to see it out here on the west coast!
Why is everyone surprised at the stuff coming out of the ABC? Didn’t we all just assume that this is what it was like under the coalition? The only difference now is that Milne was stupid enough to put it in writing. Tbh I would be surprised to find out it wasn’t happening.
"The Republican party, on the path that it's on right now, is headed the way of the Whig Party." @JoeNBC says in 2020, he "will vote for whoever will get Trump out of office."
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Yoko Ono
Everything in the Universe is Unfinished
New 48 page art book
Out now at JRP Ringler: https://t.co/wCucVEsV4U
Also at Amazon: https://t.co/45hSY7YxKp
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