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So the #Tories voted that hose bag #TheresaMay back in on the #ConfidenceVote Well we all know now who has been bought & paid for, get big tax breaks & more money protection in their tax havens.

Out We#NameAndShame #ToriesOutas have#Britain in t#NoConfidencehis Bullsh💩t
In case you missed it on #ALegendaryChristmas, or can't wait until tonight to watch it again, the video for #BringMeLove is out now! https://t.co/8xrCnB6YR6
🦍🦍🦍🦍My new project, #BeastUpEP is out now! Thank you everyone thats been supporting so far! Lets keep this goin! | link in my bio|🦍🦍🦍🦍 https://t.co/qaRV4xwylO
🦍🦍🦍🦍My new project, #BeastUpEP is out now! Thank you everyone thats been supporting so far! Lets keep this goin! | link in my bio|🦍🦍🦍🦍 https://t.co/PcTcpz0Cgb
6️ @OffWht⃣ @Nike x

"It remains to be seen where Abloh and the Swoosh will take it in 2019—early rumors suggest that “The Ten” could be discontinued in favor of new collections—but for now, they’re still putting out some of the best product around. "
Hey California, get ready to shell out more of the money you're likely working harder to earn. Because now your government is thinking of taxing...texting! Call us if you’re 😡1-800-222-5222! https://t.co/HoZPwIomuW
The youngins @kolor_theking new tape and merch is out now.

Strea#BackwoodsAndBigShotsm with remixes o@JuiceWorldddf an@LILUZIVERTd , features fro@JayJones17thm and interludes fro@LilTunechim .https://t.co/DxZqaBMdyq

only made it to #6 and now have to wash my eyes out with bleach https://t.co/QPCq2z8Iuy
This is truly remarkable. This is how people watch tv now on demand. To be on this list amongst such good company all networks blows my mind, not to mention beating out my fav show of all time Sopranos!! Thanks for watching guys and getting us on this list!!!!
"It's a thrill to be a small part of any new artists' journey, and it's been wonderful to see his star continue to rise and rise."

Elton John and Khalid collabed on a cover of "Young Dumb & Broke" for Spotify, and it's out now. https://t.co/reMY8ft3XZ
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