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There’s always good news somewhere!

In the scramble to escape wildfires in CA, Andrea Gaylord had to leave her dogs behind & was afraid they were gone for good.

But here’s what happened when she returned to her home 1 month later.

3- I am just asking what the new standards are? (& HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS - this post has us discussing it - so please don’t shout one another down or trade insults. I am asking an honest question as a mom & a human who wants to understand other perspectives)
2- I am not being facetious-
I am honestly confused
I am in NO way complaining about her performance.
Please explain what the new standards are?
I am not blaming Cardi B- she is an artist and we had a fantastic night & we chose to attend.
I am not voicing an opinion / i am asking because I am honestly confused
Even if it 1- I am not judging - I am honestly confused
She did not.
And that is her choice - but I am honestly baffled by the new standards of acceptable
Can someone explain the new rules?
“Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been pulled from rotation bc it is offensive
Last night Cardi B performed at Jingle Ball &featured lyrics abt her sweet pu**y & a spectrum of other profanities to an arena of kids & parents jammin out to every note
On the subject of distractions- is covered by a lot of women &many are moms
We have more distractions before 9AM than they can conjure storylines for us to chase
Naming an AG, UN Amb & leaking Kelly news will NOT make anyone forget abt Mueller
. loves to“punch back”but there was nothing to punch back at Wednesday. It was a day when leaders came to Washington to honor a man who devoted his life to our great country.
It was not a day about Trump.
Since then, he’s been looking for a rumble.
He found Rex
I love absolutely everything about this #goodnewsruhles
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