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BoA 보아 The 9th Album ‘WOMAN’ Highlight Medley

#보아 #BoA #WOMAN

#NCT127 ranks No.86 on Billboard 200 with their first full album ‘#NCT127_Regular_Irregular_Regular_Irregular’ and becomes the second-highest charting K-Pop boy band in Billboard 200 history!🎉👍

“NCT 127 Earn First Billboard 200 Entry With 'Regular-Irrhttps://t.co/GNEB5pSqRGegular' Album”
#BoA’s full album ‘#WOMAN’ music will be out tomorrow and the physical album on the 25th as well!
Watch the overwhelming charisma of BoA expressing a confident woman!

🎥 Highlight Medley: 18.10.23. 12PM (KST)
🎧 Music release: 18.10.24. 6PM (KST)
💿 Album release: 18.10.25.
BoA 9th Full Album ‘WOMAN’

🎧2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)

#보아 #BoA @BoAkwon #WOMAN
NCT 127’s first full album ‘NCT #127 Regular-Irregular’ takes over the top spot on Hanteo Chart and Synnara Record for two weeks in a row👏👍

#NCT127 #NCT #NCT127_Regular_Irregular_#Regular_IrregularR#NCT127_Regularegular_Irregular _Regular
BoA 보아 'Woman' MV Teaser #2

🎧2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)

#보아 #BoA @BoAkwon #WOMAN
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#NCT127 drops digital album ‘Up Next Session: NCT 127’ today!!
The album will contain 4 songs including a new song ‘What We Talkin’ Bout’ featured with the pop star Marteen, so please stay tuned!

Listen now exclusively on @AppleMusic: https://t.co/ub8Z9uqLSM
The second MV Teaser for BoA’s full album’s title song ‘Woman’ will be dropped today at noon (KST)!
Don’t forget to check out her fascinating comeback stage on the 26th on ‘Music Bank’ as well!

🎧 ‘WOMAN’ Music Release: 2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)

#보아 #BoA #WOMAN
BoA 9th Full Album ‘WOMAN’

🎧2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)

#보아 #BoA @BoAkwon #WOMAN
BoA captivated the audiences at ‘Grand Mint Festival 2018’ with her stunning performances!
Be sure to tune in to her new album ‘WOMAN’ and comeback showcase as well!

🎧’#WOMAN’ Music Release: 2018.10.24. 6PM (KST)
📆Comeback showcase: 2018.10.24. 8PM (KST)
#BoA #보아 @BoAkwon
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