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South China Morning Post provides news and analysis on Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia.

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Japan will scrap porn magazines in convenience stores ahead of the Tokyo Olympics
Shenzhen’s billion-yuan offer to the Chinese University of Hong Kong has sparked fears of a brain drain as the Greater Bay Area battles begin
Going, going, gone: This is the story of #HongKong's last remaining heritage industries.
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Tourists in Indonesia captured the moment two giant komodo dragons locked horns in a fierce battle.
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Hong Kong activist Edward Leung fends off riot allegations over Mong Kok unrest as lawyer accuses authorities of bias by @hkchrislau
‘Don’t poke China but keep it guessing’: Trump insider spells out US strategy
Teachers at Chinese kindergarten in Italy arrested after hidden camera shows beatings of young children by @lauriechenwords
Surprise attack on Taiwan by China’s PLA ‘unlikely’, according to Taipei think tank
China celebrated the Lantern Festival with a spectacular 1,000-drone show over the city of Haikou.
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Trump now says there’s ‘no rush’ for North Korea to give up its nukes

The Most Relevant

Bust a move – with your school principal. 🕺
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Many people peddle souvenirs to tourists for a living. Not many can do it in 12 languages.
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"Each time I was electrocuted my whole body would shake violently ... I begged them to kill me": An Uygur woman describes torture in a detention camp in #China
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Will 2019 see Chinese K-pop star @layzhang , of #Exo, crack America?
K-pop boy band #EXO inspires terminally ill fan to publish novels @weareoneEXO
K-pop star Lay: Exo’s only Chinese star and a talented actor
Brace yourself for K-pop group BTS’ date on @TheEllenShow ... again
Suga from K-pop giants #BTS – his life, his loves and his solo works
Meet Kai of boy band Exo, one of the best dancers in K-pop
K-pop star #Jin from #BTS has the world’s ‘best sculpted face’ according to a doll maker
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