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SBS PopAsia
the bts boys have arrived at their first ever grammys tearitupbts
The #BTS boys have arrived at their first-ever #GRAMMYs! #TearItUpBTS
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Epic Women
i love this too
I Love this too!
Pretty Little Liars
out here with the incredible hayleyerin with 5 minutes to go live tweet with the cast using plltheperfectionis
Out here with the incredible @HayleyErin with 5 minutes to go! Live tweet with the cast using #PLLThePerfectionists.
Visit Colorado
drewengelbart check out these shots from skyfox on the first day of spring colorado
"@DrewEngelbart: Check out these shots from #SkyFox on the first day of Spring. #ColoRADo"
Millionaire Mindset
make it happen shock everyone
Make it
Patton Oswalt
what if trump can actually see mccains ghost and were all just making fun of the grown up kid from the sixth s
What if Trump can actually see McCain’s ghost and we’re all just making fun of the grown-up kid from THE SIXTH SENSE?
Millionaire Mindset
if you dont have haters youre not chasing your dreams
If you don’t have haters you’re not chasing your dreams
Howard University
you know we had to turn things up before the usmovie started swag surf usathoward keepitbetweenus
You know we had to turn things up before the @UsMovie started. Swag surf!!!! #UsAtHoward 🎥🍿🎬#KeepItBetweenUs
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Maria Popova
rock n roll fairy godmother sister rosetta tharpe born on this day in 1915 performing on a manchester train pl
Rock'n'roll fairy godmother Sister Rosetta Tharpe, born on this day in 1915, performing on a Manchester train platform in her white felt coat and electric guitar
@allkpop 1 hour
bts confirmed to attend the fact music awards hosted by fan n star
BTS confirmed to attend 'The Fact Music Awards' hosted by Fan N Star
The Dodo
@dodo 1 hour
need a giant lizard to pamper thank you for sharing macgyverlizard
Need a giant lizard to pamper! Thank you for sharing @MacGyverLizard 🦎💚
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