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rick and morty returns for season 4 this november
Rick and Morty returns for Season 4 this November.

Latest news about Morty open

June Stoyer
the latest theorganicview guests daily thanks to jeffreyventre morty marty
The latest @TheOrganicView Guests Daily! Thanks to @jeffrey_ventre #morty #marty
Jeffrey Ventre
congratulations martyneese asq to honor quality contributions amp achievements morty marty kimberlyventre
Congratulations @MartyNeese !!
ASQ to Honor Quality Contributions & Achievements #Morty #Marty @KimberlyVentre
Matthew Goldstein
for those who care dune capital under mnuchin was a hedge fund that pre crisis showed interest in life settlem
For those who care, Dune Capital under Mnuchin was a hedge fund that pre-crisis showed interest in life settlements and death bonds #Morty
great to have the best university president in the nation at the nufbfamily scrimmage today morty northwestern
Great to have the best university president in the nation at the @NUFBFamily scrimmage today. #Morty @NorthwesternU
the best university president in the country as coachfitz51 calls him addressed the nufbfamily b1gcats morty
“The best university president in the country,” as @coachfitz51 calls him, addressed the @NUFBFamily. #B1GCats #Morty
Rick and (((Morty)))
awesome rt ladyturtles awh gee i dunno rick morty quick sketches of my favorite lil adventurer
Awesome! RT @LadyTurtles: "Awh gee, I dunno, Rick." #Morty Quick sketches of my favorite lil adventurer.
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no one is above the law including the president of the united states speaker pelosi alleges trump is engaged
'No one is above the law, including the president of the United States.' Speaker Pelosi alleges Trump is engaged in a 'cover-up'
Guido Fawkes
leadsom resigns
@BBC 2 hours
in the summer of 1958 an inventor is tasked with a mission by mi5 but its not his inventions they require toby
In the summer of 1958, an inventor is tasked with a mission by MI5. But it’s not his inventions they require…
@Misskeeleyhawes, Toby Stephens, Linus Roache and Timothy Spall star in #SummerOfRockets | Tonight | 9 pm | @BBCTwo | @BBCiPlayer. 📺
The Sun
@TheSun 2 hours
nigel farage trapped on brexit bus surrounded by people armed with milkshakes
Nigel Farage 'trapped on Brexit bus surrounded by people armed with milkshakes'
@MSNBC 48 minutes
breaking federal prosecutors announce indictment against michael avenatti for allegedly stealing money tied to
BREAKING: Federal prosecutors announce indictment against Michael Avenatti for allegedly stealing money tied to a book advance; senior federal law enforcement official tells @NBCNews that the alleged victim is Stormy Daniels.
The Int'l Spectator
imdb rating of series finale breaking bad 99 friends 97 downton abbey 93 mad men 93 house 92 narcos 92 soprano
IMDB rating of series finale.

Breaking Bad: 9.9
Friends: 9.7
Downton Abbey: 9.3
Mad Men: 9.3
House: 9.2
Narcos: 9.2
Sopranos: 9.1
The Wire: 8.8
M*A*S*H: 8.3
Lost: 8.2
Seinfeld: 7.7
Scrubs: 6.3
Dragon Ball Z: 4.9
Dexter: 4.7
Game of Thrones: 4.4
House of Cards: 2.7
Laura Kuenssberg
36th ministerial resignation under may
36th ministerial resignation under May
ACLU National
breaking the department of housing and urban development wants to allow taxpayer funded shelters to turn away
BREAKING: The Department of Housing and Urban Development wants to allow taxpayer-funded shelters to turn away transgender people experiencing homelessness based on a number of factors, including the shelter provider’s religious views.
US Attorney SDNY
us attorney announces indictment of michael avenatti for aggravated identity theft engaging in a scheme to def
U.S. Attorney announces indictment of Michael Avenatti for aggravated identity theft, engaging in a scheme to defraud a former client
ABC News
@ABC 1 hour
protests erupted in jakarta as supporters of the losing rival to the indonesian president in last month s pres
Protests erupted in Jakarta as supporters of the losing rival to the Indonesian president in last month's presidential election threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. At least six people have died in the riots.
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