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  3. all-new poster for #thepunisher season 2 features #jigsaw
All-new poster for #ThePunisher Season 2 features #Jigsaw
All-new poster for #ThePunisher Season 2 features #Jigsaw


New details on ticket sales for MLB All-Star Game in Cleveland https://t.co/oV5MhDbBhH
Here's the hot BuzzFeed New scoop you've all been waiting for, with documents to prove it:

the criminal sentencing of #FIFA corruption defendant Alfredo Hawit of Honduras has been postponed until May 16. It had been set for Feb. 6.

you're welcome.
A new year brings an expectation to set the perfect resolution. Here's an idea: Resolve to buy all of the things you want and need, but pay less money for them. https://t.co/e0KlBpEDMs
Great to see the #HeroFactor in the Newark Airport. Thanks to Hudson Booksellers and @Entrepreneur for great placement on the #bestseller table. And thanks to all the great staff in these stores selling to new Hero CEO’s!
Peaky Blinders series five: Filming WRAPS on explosive new season as fans go wild for gangster drama's return https://t.co/h69DTnWN7N
VIDEO: 🇨🇱 Chile's capital Santiago has rolled out the first 100 electric buses of its new green fleet, part of a long-term strategy to tackle its pollution problem which aims for all buses to go electric by 2050
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The new video for “What Happens In A Small Town” with @lindsayell is up now on the site.... #BGNation have y’all seen it?? https://t.co/GWfvBXuFJH #WhatHappensInASmallTown
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Lawyers acting for Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán have all week tried to portray the Mexican drug lord as the victim of a vast conspiracy of rivals at his trial in Brooklyn, New York. Efforts that the presiding judges have largely blocked. https://t.co/yXaksDaLDa
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