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Senator Chris Murphy discusses the U.S. role in yet another disastrous war in the Middle East, our "head-scratching" ties with Saudi Arabia and more https://t.co/MGxmWfPDLE
Watch John Oliver discuss the rise and dangerous appeal of new authoritarian leaders on #LastWeekTonight https://t.co/wAN0XQ7sCo
Christopher Watts has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for murdering his wife and two young daughters https://t.co/Dd21Ndbcf4
Hear indie songwriter Dawn Landes talk about Fred Foster and living in Branson, Missouri on Chris Shiflett's 'Walking the Floor' podcast https://t.co/Tl932goEGh
Why Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen, who played his final shows with the veteran death-metal band this past weekend, was one of the underground's true greats https://t.co/BDx8r7oh1V
#Roma isn't just Alfonso Cuarón's trip through the past — it's a masterpiece and a gamechanger. Read Peter Travers' five-star review https://t.co/OUHtpHjijH
Jason Momoa’s conflicted underwater ruler, Arthur Curry, grapples with destiny in the latest and final trailer for #Aquaman. Watch here https://t.co/nNL9BpLf6j
In his new book, West Memphis Three's Damien Echols describes how magick got him through death row https://t.co/oQJvW0Qz74
Georgia congresswoman Lucy McBath tweeted a salute to her late son, Jordan Davis, who was killed in a 2012 shooting https://t.co/aGgXl1u0UN
Stacey Abrams opens up about what she plans to do next https://t.co/L0B25456vP
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