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Rob Demovsky
packers safety josh jones is skipping the voluntary otas and working out in florida because hes hoping to be t
Packers safety Josh Jones is skipping the voluntary OTAs and working out in Florida because he’s hoping to be traded, a source told ESPN. The source said the 2017 second-round pick believes it would be best for both parties if they parted ways. Story coming on ESPN shortly.

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CBS News
apollo 11 moon landing watch the most iconic moments from cbs news coverage
Apollo 11 moon landing: Watch the most iconic moments from CBS News' coverage
Adam Servianski
white people insisting their european ancestors came legally during a period where the us had open borders and
White people insisting their European ancestors came “legally” during a period where the US had open borders and didnt even require immigrants to learn english is one of the dumbest and most harmful myths guiding our current politics.
The Hill
rep this president s policies are not about immigration it s about ethnicity and racism where are we going to
Rep. @Ocasio2018: "This president's policies are not about immigration, it's about ethnicity and racism... Where are we going to go? We're going to stay right here, that's where we're going to go. We're not going anywhere."
PBS NewsHour
tranquility base here the eagle has landed at this moment 50 years ago the lunar module carrying astronauts ne
"Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."

At this moment 50 years ago, the lunar module carrying #Apollo11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the surface of the moon.
@ACLU 39 minutes
texas is sending this mother to prison for just because she filled out a provisional ballot that was not even
Texas is sending this mother to prison for just because she filled out a provisional ballot that was not even counted. She had no idea she was ineligible to vote and an honest mistake will cost her five years.

Watch Crystal’s story here.
@MSNBC 1 hour
enough is enough to those considering voting for president trump in 2020 look at your children and decide who
"Enough is enough."

@DonnyDeutsch to those considering voting for President Trump in 2020: "Look at your children, and decide who you are."
Rotten Tomatoes
patrick stewart returns as picard in the first trailer for startrekpicard
Patrick Stewart returns as Picard in the first trailer for #StarTrekPicard
The Hill
rep we re here they sent me back to queens and i m happy to be here person in crowd welcome home aoc thank you
Rep. @Ocasio2018: "We're here. They sent me back to Queens, and I'm happy to be here."

Person in crowd: "Welcome home!"

AOC: "Thank you!"
Michelle Malkin
lutheran amp immig refugee service brought ilhan omar amp her family here along w 500000 other refugees since
Lutheran & Immig Refugee Service @LIRSorg brought Ilhan Omar & her family here, along w/500,000 other refugees since 1939--all funded with our tax dollars. Today, LCMS floated a resolution commending Trump-bashing, open-orders LIRS! #followthemoney ==>
@MSNBC 2 hours
from you lie to we re going to send mr obama home to kenya or wherever it is here are some times republicans d
From "You Lie" to "We're going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is," here are some times Republicans disrespected Obama, contrary to Rep. Scalise's claim.
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